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10 Greatest HIIT Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval coaching, consisting of vigorous exercises with little relaxation in a short while. This cardiovascular coaching can work wonders for you in dropping the additional kgs.

HIIT exercise raises and maintains your coronary heart fee, permitting you to burn extra fats in much less time. A HIIT exercise will usually final 10–half-hour.

Research present that regardless of its temporary length, the exercise can present well being benefits similar to twice as a lot moderate-intensity train.

These are intense workout routines to be completed earlier than a small break. These cardio exercises are one of the best ways to burn fats in a brief interval. Holding a tab in your weight has turn out to be more and more simple with technological developments resembling sensible scales out there right this moment.

The HealthifyMe sensible scale is fastidiously designed to provide you right knowledge coupled with the benefit of our professional coach expertise.

These digital gadgets monitor particulars about physique composition together with physique fats proportion, bone mass, muscle mass and never solely weight. Thus giving complete details about your well being.

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10 Greatest HIIT Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

Earlier than you begin your HIIT routine, there are a couple of factors to think about on your security:

  • Select a low-intensity modality that you’re acquainted with. For instance, should you haven’t jogged shortly, don’t go all-out on working.
  • Start with a couple of periods twice every week. HIIT train is kind of taxing, particularly when utilizing higher-impact modalities.
  • Work periods mustn’t exceed 30 seconds. Work intervals of greater than 30 seconds shall be difficult to keep up on the requisite depth to qualify as HIIT.
  • Permit for sufficient rest time. Solely by taking relaxation for minutes equal to or longer than your work durations will you be capable of maintain the suitable depth for HIIT.
  • You probably have joint ache, begin with a low-impact exercise like biking or swimming.

1. Burpees

It’s a two-part train that includes a push-up, adopted by a leap within the air. Though burpees interact all of the muscle groups in your physique, it primarily targets the calves, chest, triceps, shoulder, biceps, glutes, and lats.

The best way to do Burpees?

Burpees are very simple to carry out because it requires no equipment or weights. To carry out Burpees, get right into a partial squat place and bend down.

Hold your backbone straight and contact down the bottom together with your chest. Push-up, deliver each legs along with a frog leap after which leap up by elevating your palms within the air. Get again to the beginning place and repeat.

2. Excessive Knees

This one is one other simple train with no requirement for coaching gear. Excessive knees assist strengthen leg muscle groups whereas rising your heartbeat, which additional improves coordination and flexibility within the physique. 

The best way to do Excessive Knees?

To carry out excessive Knees, open your ft to a hip-width after which raise your left knee in the direction of your chest after which repeat the identical factor with the opposite leg at a working pace. Strive preserving your arms prolonged letting the knees contact the palms while you carry out the train.

3. Lunge Jumps

Lunge jumps are a sophisticated variation of a standard strolling lunge train. The train accounts for leaping excessive within the air and switching to your different foot forward earlier than touchdown. This train requires no gear and burns an amazing quantity of energy. It additionally helps in boosting your coronary heart fee.

The best way to do Lunge Jumps?

To carry out Lunge Jumps stand together with your legs a minimum of shoulder width aside. Transfer a leg ahead together with your backbone straight. Now flex your leg and go down, be certain that your leg is perpendicular to the ground. Now finally leap and put the opposite leg ahead and repeat the train. 

4. Leaping Jacks

Leaping jacks, additionally known as side-straddle hop, is a full-body train that may be completed virtually wherever owing to the truth that no coaching gear is required. 

The best way to do Leaping Jacks?

To carry out Leaping jacks, stand straight together with your ft a minimum of hip-width aside. Just be sure you hold your shoulders relaxed and look straight forward.

Now leap and transfer your ft laterally aside. On the similar time, transfer your palms up and down over your head. Repeat the steps by following the identical. 

5. Mountain Climbers

Climbing mountains isn’t simple. However what if the mountains turn out to be plain floor? Effectively, that’s just about the mountain climbers train for you.

This train is well-known for advantages like constructing cardio endurance and agility whereas specializing in your entire physique. 

The best way to do Mountain Climbers?

To carry out Mountain climbers, get into the straight arm plank place. Make sure that to position your palms slightly wider than your shoulders-width.

Now deliver the best knee in the direction of your chest with out lifting your hips. Then transfer it again and convey the opposite knee ahead. Now repeat the steps as quick as attainable.  

6. Rope Leaping

Rope leaping, often known as skipping, is most popular by 1000’s of individuals over working due to its many advantages. It’s comparatively simple to carry out, burns loads of energy, and it’s enjoyable certainly.

The best way to do Rope Leap?

To carry out skipping, all that you simply want is a rope. Stand straight and hold your legs shut to one another together with your elbow close to your abdomen. Now leap and let the rope go in a circle round your physique from head to toe and repeat. 

7. Push-ups

Although pushups could also be robust for rookies they’re some of the frequent body weight workout routines. They’re greatest for constructing the higher physique. It helps kind the chest, shoulders, and triceps, 

The best way to do Push-ups?

Push-ups require no coaching gear. To practise push-ups, one must get right into a cat place with palms and toe ideas touching the bottom. Now go down in your chest and contact the bottom. Make sure that your backbone doesn’t bend, and the legs are straight. As you achieve expertise, you possibly can problem your self by placing your toes shut to one another. 

8. Facet Jackknife

The Facet Jackknife is an train that targets obliques, shoulders, and quads. It additionally includes the glutes & hip flexors.

The best way to do Facet Jackknife?

To carry out Facet Jackknife, that you must lie down in your aspect with one leg on high of the opposite and place one hand behind your head with the elbow flared out.

Put the opposite hand on the bottom in entrance of you to steadiness your weight. Now attempt to deliver your higher leg and elbow collectively after which take it again to the unique place. Now repeat the steps to implement coaching.

9. Russian Twist

The Russian Twist is an easy but very efficient strategy to prepare your core and hips. It’s a well-liked train amongst athletes– all because of after-effects that assist them in twisting actions and rapidly change path.

The best way to do a Russian Twist?

To carry out the Russian twist, sit on the bottom together with your knees up in a v place. Make sure that to maintain each your legs shoulder-width aside from one another. Now, twist from one aspect to a different. Repeat it a number of occasions to coach the physique. 

10. TRX Pull-up

TRX pull-ups want loads of higher physique energy. However it may be simple if you recognize the best approach and have practised quite a bit. To carry out this, you’ll additionally want a TRX coach.

The best way to do TRX Pull-up?

To carry out TRX Pull-up take a grip of TRX. Now use your again and arms to drag your physique upwards with each legs shoulder-width aside.

It is best to intention to get your chest to the identical stage because the handles and maintain your physique in that place for seconds. Steadily decrease your physique and repeat the steps to observe the identical. Don’t fear should you can’t match the deal with stage initially. It’ll demand a couple of days of coaching so that you can attain there however you ultimately will. Persistence and willpower are the keys.

Advantages of Excessive Depth Interval Coaching (HIIT) Exercise

Benefits of HIIT
  1. Analysis says that HIIT cardio exercises can burn loads of energy in a brief period of time.
  2. HIIT cardio exercise has a formidable potential to extend your physique’s metabolic fee for hours even after train. One research has proven that HIIT can proceed bettering your metabolic fee for hours after coaching. Consequently, it helps burn energy even after a exercise session. One other analysis signifies that HIIT may shift the physique’s metabolism away from consuming carbohydrates and towards utilizing fats for power.
  3. HIIT cardio exercise additionally helps enhance muscle mass if completed with the best weights and approach in particular people.
  4. HIIT cardio exercise additionally improves a person’s oxygen consumption capability. One analysis indicated that contributors who did 20-minute HIIT exercises 4 days every week for 5 weeks elevated their oxygen consumption by 9%.
  5. Analysis means that high-intensity train could profit individuals vulnerable to kind 2 diabetes. HIIT cardio exercise additionally lowers blood sugar ranges in diabetic people. HIIT additionally improves insulin resistance in comparison with regular train.
  6. Analysis means that HIIT can decrease coronary heart fee and blood stress in those that are obese or overweight teams the place hypertension is widespread.
  7. The HIIT cardio exercise doesn’t often require any coaching gear. The above-suggested ten workout routines don’t want any costly heavy gear aside from the rope, which is well out there at dwelling.


HIIT cardio exercise is among the greatest concepts to coach with out spending a lot on expensive gear. Nonetheless, it’s extremely advisable to hunt skilled recommendation to carry out it proper and keep away from accidents.

Make sure that to put on the best footwear together with different guarding parts. Together with the coaching, you also needs to deal with the right dietary necessities of your physique for the coaching to be efficient. Have a cheerful begin!

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is HIIT Protected?

Usually sure, however this may rely by yourself health stage and circumstances. If an cardio endurance base is developed over time and the coaching protocols are adopted correctly, then HIIT is usually a secure and efficient technique of train. People who’re simply beginning to work out or have severe coronary heart situations ought to get the approval of their physician earlier than starting the strenuous exercise. HIIT shouldn’t be the one type of train that you simply do throughout the week, however it may show you how to if you find yourself crunched for time and have to work out rapidly. 

Q. Can I do HIIT greater than as soon as a day?

We might not advocate attempting to do HIIT greater than as soon as per day for a median particular person. The aim of a HIIT exercise is to provide 100% effort throughout the exercise after which permit correct time for restoration (starting from 24-48 hours relying in your health stage). A second HIIT exercise wouldn’t be as environment friendly or efficient as your first exercise and may result in harm if you’re over-exhausting your self. As an alternative of two HIIT exercises, you possibly can add energy strolling or low-intensity cardio later within the day for energetic restoration. You don’t have to consistently give maximal effort to get the advantages of HIIT.

Q. Can I do HIT at dwelling?

Sure, HIT could be carried out very successfully at dwelling, and even while travelling with much less gear. Easy and efficient body weight HIT routines could be structured for instance, utilizing the next workout routines:

  • Push up variants
  • Dips
  • Chin ups/ Pull ups
  • Row variants
  • Wall Sits
  • Squats
  • Plank variants

Q. Is HIIT helpful for athletes?

HIIT can play a superb function as the final strengthening and basic conditioning stimulus for athletes concerned in sports activities and different difficult bodily actions. There are some extra concerns that athletes have to make when making use of HIIT, resembling appropriately scheduling exercises alongside ability and particular conditioning coaching and their aggressive occasions. An enormous benefit of HIIT for athletes is its security: the probability of getting injured while performing correct HIIT is exceptionally low. 

Q. Do I have to heat up earlier than HIIT?

Many bodily actions, particularly these through which a person is uncovered to excessive/sudden forces require a warm-up. HIIT is nonetheless totally different. The forces that the musculoskeletal system is uncovered to throughout a HIIT exercise are comparatively low and there’s by no means a sudden enhance in drive throughout HIIT train. Even so, there’s nonetheless a hidden warm-up for every train in HIIT. The preliminary 30 or so seconds of a correctly utilized HIIT set is the warm-up for the extra intense, later a part of the set to come- the effectivity of HIIT shines via once more. 

Q. I’ve painful knees can I nonetheless do HIIT?

As a result of give attention to security and managed publicity to forces HIIT is as secure as train will get. Nonetheless, when you have painful knees we advocate you get them checked out by your physician after which work initially with a HIIT private coach if in any respect attainable.

Q. How will HIIT assist me?

HIIT improves cardio and anaerobic health, cardiovascular well being will increase fats oxidation, maintains muscle mass, improves blood stress, and improves levels of cholesterol. 

Q. Will HIIT assist me lose extra weight than conventional endurance coaching?

There are two elements of reducing weight, they’re weight loss program and train.  Dropping pounds requires you to be in a calorie deficit and weight loss program and train will show you how to obtain this.  For those who go on a 2-hour run, you’ll in all probability burn extra energy than finishing a 20-minute HIIT session, nonetheless, if you’re wanting time, then a HIIT session will give you one of the best outcomes.  A mix of HIIT and the right weight loss program shall be very efficient at serving to you reduce weight moderately than train or weight loss program in isolation.

Q. How lengthy ought to of HIIT exercise final?

We recommend preserving HIIT exercises between 30 and 45 minutes for optimum effectiveness, however the size in the end relies on your health targets.

Q. Will HIIT assist me reduce weight?

HIIT can play a task in fats loss in addition to in lean tissue achieve. If a person has extra fats to lose, making use of HIIT similtaneously following an applicable weight loss program will end in a discount in physique fats. The utilization of saved glycogen, the discharge of fat-burning hormones and the rise in metabolic fee stimulated by HIIT, all assist the person aiming to scale back physique fats ranges. On this state of affairs, scale weight will often decline between weigh-ins, though it’s also attainable for scale weight to stay the identical for a time frame if physique fats has lowered by the identical quantity as lean tissue has elevated throughout that point interval. Conversely, a person who doesn’t have extra physique fats to lose will probably enhance their scale weight as a result of acquisition of lean tissue.

Q. Can everybody carry out HIIT?

HIIT could be utilized to any kind of inhabitants so long as it’s well-programmed and managed. There’s proof that each single kind of particular person can profit from HIIT

Q. How can we do HIIT safely?

At all times examine together with your coach earlier than beginning a brand new exercise routine, particularly when you have not been figuring out. Holding HIIT exercises low-impact, to start with, is a good way to remain secure. As soon as you’re feeling adequate so as to add jumps or extra motion into your workout routines you’ll be assured. Additionally, should you really feel any ache, please cease the exercise and discuss to your coach.

Q. That are the primary physique components that HIIT focuses on?

Whereas most HIIT workout routines give attention to general agility and energy, many goal the core, arms, legs, glutes and biceps.

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