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5 Conventional Tibetan Prayer Beads You Want For Your Meditation And Chanting Observe

Are you sick of seeing pretend mala beads designed purely to be vogue jewellery? Are you in search of genuine Tibetan Prayer beads that honor the century-long Buddhist teachings and traditions?

In that case, you’re in the correct place.

We all know how tough it’s to seek out authentic Buddhist prayer beads these days, particularly on-line. That’s why we’ve searched excessive and low to seek out the very best prayer beads from the Tibetan Buddhism custom. Such beads use genuine and traditional supplies and carry distinctive sacred meanings.

So should you’re searching for a particular set of mala beads to assist your journey into spirituality and meditation, learn on to find our prime 5 picks. We’ll additionally share recommendations on selecting, utilizing, and caring in your new mala.

High 5 Genuine Tibetan Prayer Beads

Greatest Tibetan Wooden Mala Beads – Flongo Black Wooden Tibetan Buddhist Beads With Dharma Wheel

These black prayer beads are made out of pure and sturdy sandalwood, strung on a high-quality twine, making them sturdy and long-lasting. The beads are comparatively small at 6mm in diameter. Nonetheless, the purple dharma wheel embroidery and Chinese language knot design make it eye-catching.

The dharma wheel represents the eightfold Buddhist path to Nirvana. Historically, there are 8 spokes, however the design on this mala bead solely has 6. As a result of the twine is elastic, it simply wraps across the wrist, so it may be worn as a bracelet or necklace. Furthermore, the colours and design give it a masculine model, making it a best choice for males.

Greatest Tibetan Seed Prayer Beads – The Bead Chest 108 Bodhi Seed Prayer Beads

This Bodhi Seed prayer bead by The Bead Chest has a pure, easy design but comprises very sacred properties. The Bodhi seeds come from Nepal’s mountainous area, and every bead measures 7-8 x 8-9mm.

Together with the 108 beads, there’s a bigger guru bead and 4 smaller beads on the finish of the tassel, all made out of Bodhi seeds. It’s a bit on the shorter facet however continues to be massive sufficient to put on round your head.

Greatest Tibetan Bone Prayer Beads – Gandhanra Artwork Authentic Tibetan Wave Form Yak Bone Mala Beads

This unique-looking Buddhist prayer bead is made out of yak bone, carved by Tibetan artisans from Hepo City, Baiyu County, the birthplace of the well-known Tibetan handicrafts. There are 108 beads, measuring roughly 10mm, and the diameter of all the necklace is 46cm/ 18 inches.

The yak bone beads are hand carved right into a wave form with a pure yellow/brown tint. They’re strung on a purple cloth thread with a guru bead and a tassel. These prayer beads look 100% authentic, and you’ll really feel the artisan’s ardour for making them.

Greatest Tibetan Gemstone Necklace – LIUANAN Tibetan Pure Turquoise Prayer Beads

If you happen to’re after a vibrant and crowd pleasing but symbolic prayer bead, you’ll love these ones by LIUANAN. The pure turquoise stone beads and tassel are shiny, and there’s a buddha head pendant for the guru.

The 108 pure stone beads are about 8mm in diameter with a complete size of 88cm, making it an extended model Japa mala. The turquoise stone promotes optimistic progress in all facets of 1’s life and being and may improve religious progress. There’s additionally a white turquoise model accessible, which is equally lovely.

Greatest Tibetan Mala Bracelet – Lexivia Handcrafted & Blessed Tibetan Meditation Bracelet from The Potala Palace

Whereas Buddhist prayer beads usually have 108 beads, you will get shorter variations designed to be worn as a bracelet. So should you’re searching for a phenomenal but sacred Tibetan piece of bijou like this, you’ll certainly love this one by Lexivia.

It’s handcrafted within the Himalayan Foothills by proficient Tibetan artisans. It’s then blessed and consecrated by Monks from The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, which was traditionally the winter residence of the Dalai Lamas. Thus, this sacred blessing carries an ambiance of emotional calming, therapeutic, and religious development.

The bracelet has 14 coloured glaze beads, a guru bead, and two smaller beads on the finish of the tassel. Contained in the beads are incense ash and golden powder from The Potala Palace, carrying the blessings and prayers of pilgrims over the centuries. Lastly, the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra is written in Tibetan on the prayer wheel bead.

How To Select The Proper Buddhist Prayer Beads For You

All genuine Buddhist prayer beads can have 109 beads and a head bead often called the guru. Nonetheless, mala beads might be made of various supplies. The fabric used is important because it doesn’t simply change the model of the mala but additionally the that means and illustration. Here’s a brief description of the totally different mala supplies.


Historically, Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads are made out of seeds, equivalent to Bodhi seeds. The Bodhi seed is extremely sacred as a result of, because the legend goes, the Buddha gained enlightenment whereas meditating underneath a Bodhi tree. Subsequently, many Buddhists select a Bodhi seed mala to progress alongside their religious path and achieve extra knowledge.

Additionally, you will discover malas product of lotus seeds. The lotus seed is important amongst Vajrayana Buddhists in Tibet, Nepal, India, and different Asian nations, because the lotus flower represents religious progress. Because of this many Buddhist deities are depicted seated on lotus flowers.


Apart from seeds, bone malas from yak, cow, or buffalo bones are additionally widespread in Tibetan Buddhism. It is because bones symbolize impermanence, one of many core Buddhist teachings. Thus, Buddhist practitioners put on bone malas as a continuing reminder to remain within the current second and deal with compassion, service, and loving-kindness as a result of life is brief.


Some wooden, equivalent to sandalwood, can also be used to make mala necklaces. Sandalwood was talked about in numerous suttas of the Pāli Canon and is believed to carry Buddhist practitioners nearer to Buddha. Its scent can also be useful for calming the thoughts and rising focus throughout meditation.

Semi Treasured Stones

Semiprecious stones are a extra trendy materials utilized in mala beads, and a few have significance in Buddhism. For instance, Amethyst was believed to have been sacred to Buddha, and Turquoise is seen as a logo of excellent luck in Tibet. Thus, these two are widespread selections for a Buddhist rosary.

What Is The Objective Of Mala Beads In Tibetan Buddhism?

Tibetan prayer beads serve an analogous that means and utilization in Buddhism as in different religions. Additionally referred to as Buddhist rosaries, Buddhist prayer beads act as a software for religious observe, explicitly serving to practitioners with reciting mantras. Every bead represents one repetition of a Buddhist mantra, which helps you to monitor what number of occasions you’ve got already chanted it.

So why do Buddhists want a software to depend mantras? One motive is that mala beads assist to maintain your thoughts targeted and stop it from wandering away from the mantra. One other is as a result of in Buddhism, like Hinduism, it’s believed it is best to chant your chosen mantra 108 occasions.

108 is a sacred quantity in numerous totally different practices and religions. For instance, in Buddhism, it’s taught that there are 108 materials temptations or psychological impurities that one should overcome to realize enlightenment. We’d refer to those impurities as detrimental feelings and behaviors like anger, deception, and violence. Buddhists consider chanting a mantra 108 occasions frees you from these impurities.

As well as, there are 108 volumes of the Kangyur, a set of sacred texts acknowledged by numerous colleges of Tibetan Buddhism believed to mirror the phrases of Buddha.

Buddhist prayer beads are barely totally different than mala beads (Japa mala) utilized in Hinduism however serve an analogous function. Mala is a Sanskrit phrase that means “garland,” however in Tibetan, a mala known as a “Threngwa.”

How To Use Tibetan Prayer Beads

As talked about, Tibetan Buddhists recite a mantra 108 occasions. Apart from 108 beads, there may be additionally a bigger guru bead, which is usually a distinct form. The guru bead reveals you the place to start out and finish your repetitions and represents the connection between the scholar and the trainer.

Generally marker or counter beads are current to separate the mala into quadrants, so when you’ve got executed 27, 54, and 81 counts.

Utilizing Buddhist Prayer Beads To Recite Mantras

Maintain the beads gently and delicately in your left hand when utilizing Buddhist prayer beads. The primary bead is subsequent to the guru bead, usually on the correct facet, as it is best to transfer across the mala in a clockwise path.

Use your left hand’s thumb and index finger to maneuver from one bead to the subsequent. The index finger is beneath the bead whereas the thumb is over it, you then gently sweep your thumb throughout it with every mantra repetition.

When you full a complete circuit and return to the guru bead, both end your chanting observe or reverse the path by flipping your mala and doing one other 108 repetitions. This fashion, you comply with the mala in reverse order slightly than proceed the second spherical in the identical approach. Most Buddhists consider it’s disrespectful to your religious lecturers (who the guru bead represents) to cross over the guru bead when chanting.

Carrying And Taking Care Of your Mala Beads

As a sacred object, Buddhist prayer beads are believed to be charged with the deity’s power. As well as, some Tibetan mala beads will obtain blessings from monks or nuns.

Many Buddhists put on their mala beads round their neck or wrist when not utilizing them to meditate. In keeping with teachings, it is best to by no means put your mala on the bottom. In case your prayer beads by accident contact the bottom, it is best to cleanse them by holding them to the crown of your head whereas reciting the sacred phrases “Om Ah Hum” thrice.

Likewise, Buddhist prayer beads mustn’t get moist as this may increasingly weaken the twine and result in breakage. For a similar motive, you shouldn’t put on them whereas sleeping.

Recommended Tibetan Mantras To Use With Your Prayer Beads

Mantras are sacred phrases that you could chant silently or aloud to extend focus, mindfulness, and self-awareness. Nonetheless, mantras should not solely particular as a result of the act of chanting calms the thoughts; every mantra carries a particular sound vibration that invokes sure emotional or religious qualities.

Listed here are 5 of the most typical mantras utilized in Tibetan Buddhism:

  • Avalokitesvara Mantra – Om Mani Padme Hum is likely one of the most prevalent mantras utilized by all ranges of Buddhists. Each Buddha’s teachings are believed to reside inside these 4 Sanskrit phrases. Chanting the phrase may help you’re feeling extra compassionate and loving.
  • Shakyamuni Mantra – The 6-word mantra “Om Muni Muni Mahamuni Shakyamuni Svaha” honors the historic Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. Chanting this mantra is alleged to purify all dangerous actions you’ve got dedicated all through 800,000 Kalpas.
  • Vajrapani Mantra – Om Vajrapani Hum is the mantra of Vajirapāṇi, one of many earliest-appearing bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism. As he was seen as a protector and remover of interior and outer obstacles, chanting this mantra can launch all struggling and free you from all dangerous psychological impurities.

Last Ideas On Tibetan Prayer Beads

Buddhist prayer beads are sacred instruments for meditation, serving to you heart your thoughts and transfer nearer to the Buddha and his teachings. They aren’t only for monks in temples; mala beads may help any meditator deepen their observe and expertise a way of interior peace.



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