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Aspect Results of Rapamycin (half 2)

I began Rapamycin about 6 weeks in the past at 4mg q5 days. after 2 weeks elevated to 8mg Q5 ?Days then in one other week to 12mg Q5 days. at this dose I’ve observed a number of issues, all good. At 75 years previous my urine movement was sluggish sufficient that I used to be beginning to fear concerning the want for a TURP within the subsequent yr or so. I’m now urinating like I did 20 years in the past. The continual low grade ache in my hips and shoulders has completely cleared. I had been making an attempt to study Mandarin with little success. The correct pronunciation and phrase order simply wouldn’t stick in reminiscence. We older people are identified for issue in studying new languages. For the previous 2 weeks I’m including new phrases and phrases at a fast charge with nice retention. over the previous yr I’ve been growing paresthesias in my toes. They’re nonetheless there, however the sensation in my toes is bettering considerably. No opposed results in any respect thus far. We will see what occurs over the subsequent 6 weeks once I plan to take a 2-3 month break earlier than the subsequent cycle.


Wow, nice information. Thanks a lot for posting your progress thus far. I look ahead to listening to extra sooner or later.


Thanks for including. I discovered your 2019 information on Age-Reversal, in addition to web site together with your clinics in Washington state. I reside in GA, however will discover your approaches; Regards


Good morning Doc Jerry:
I’m age 75; began SIro about 2 months in the past. No exosomes, however I had 2 Younger Blood IVs, 2018.


  1. Why each 5 days? Primarily based on what information? “Standard” is 7 or 14 days.
  2. Did you measure blood Sirolimus, to seek out peak/trough ranges?
  3. Different metrics: blood, pulse, O2 ranges, and so on?
  4. Weight loss plan? Keto? Paleo?
  5. Dietary supplements?
    I noticed many of the dietary supplements in your web site; most support immune, and so on. I’ve been heavy into vits for 50+ years, however most on this web site solely take a number of, vs the numerous I assume you’re taking.
    Any you assume helped Rapa, & maybe helped forestall unfavorable side-effects?
  6. Different components you assume labored synergistically with Rapa?

Congratulations on vital advantages re toes & different pluses.

Nonetheless, why Mandarin? Only for psychological train?

I notice you could not return to reply, however above questions may additionally be helpful for others who submit


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Like everybody I do know utilizing this drug there are a variety of beliefs and guesses however only a few laborious and quick guidelines. We’re all feeling our method with this. I’ve been impressed by the 2017 canine examine. The dose of 0.1mg/Kg 3 instances per week would translate to a dose for a man my dimension (6’4″ and 91kg) to 27 or 28 mg per week in divided doses that might hit mTOR 1 actually laborious but in addition in all probability depress mTOR 2 to a big diploma. The query is, how vital is that for a brief time period use akin to the ten weeks within the examine? There have been just about no opposed results within the examine, and for a 75 yr previous man like me, the improved cardiac perform was a big discovering. Nonetheless, the three instances per week dosing made me a bit nervous. I’m a danger taker by nature, however I wish to let my ranges decline a bit additional between doses. At Q 5 days, the trough ranges turn into secure at about 33% of the height values after 4-5 doses. My guess is that it ought to permit some cheap diploma of mTOR2 perform for a part of every week. And since it’s my intention to drop off for a number of months after 3 months or remedy, and since I’ve sturdy immune responses to begin, it looks like a danger ratio I used to be prepared to simply accept.
My Weight loss plan. I’m an omnivore who eats about something that not eat me first. However I typically have 2 meals a day. We now have breakfast adopted by about 3 miles on the paths, then off to the workplace. A lunch about 1 or 2 however then no meals till the subsequent morning. ( I a up about 5:30 every day and the breakfast is about 6am.) My spouse and I do one other 2 miles every night.
The dietary supplements on the clinic web site are extensively various. My physicians prescribe dietary supplements for every affected person relying on their particular person wants. So they’re on solely a small fraction of the massive variety of dietary supplements we make out there.

I’m on testosterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, resveratrol, Progesterone, Tadalafil day by day.

Why Mandarin? My spouse is Chinese language and we have now a apartment in Chengdu and LOTS of Chinese language associates. Mandarin is my daughter’s first language, Ijave tried for years to grasp the language with depressing success. However I’m making good progress since beginning Rapa.



Glorious, and thanks.

Only one follow-up: The T, DHEA, even the excessive protein food plan, would increase mTORC1. May that mitigate some impression of Rapa?

I believe 2 of prime Rapa researchers not solely have keto food plan, however take about 20 mg Rapa, each 2 weeks. I believe their principle is that it takes greater amt to cross blood-brain for reminiscence, forestall Alzheimer’s and so on.

BTW, I take many vits, together with DHEA (200-400 mg day by day;) in addition to HgH, about 1 i.u. few instances weekly. I attempt to skip these objects the day of & 1-2 days after my weekly Sirolimus.

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Sure, the anabolic hormones definitely increase mTOR1 to some extent. However I get pleasure from being sturdy, quick and my spouse at the very least, thinks I’m attractive. Whereas I might get pleasure from residing a protracted life, I additionally absolutely intend to ENJOY life. I’ve no real interest in being a thin puny lengthy lived wuss. I’m married to a girl 30 years my junior and my final baby was born once I was 65. I absolutely intend to run, bounce, leap and cavort my method by life with an enormous smile on my face and a track on my lips. So I keep my anabolic hormone load within the mid vary for a wholesome 25 yr previous, my A1c at about 5 -5.1, and add the Rapamycin to get as a lot profit, balanced in opposition to as few down sides as I can handle. My perception is to stack the chances so far as I can in my favor, after which calm down and play the sport!


I’m additionally following that method, making an attempt to steadiness mTOR progress vs inhibitors.

Once more, thanks for taking time to reply.

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Identical intention with me, Doc! I’m a mere 53, however I’m not taking place and not using a battle :slight_smile:


Great outcomes! Might I ask which model of rapamycin you utilize?

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I’ve a Fitbit and Garmin watch. Fitbit have had a number of complaints about their straps inflicting irritation.With their cost mannequin all my wrist turned infected and actually itched

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Did you may have this downside earlier than or after taking the rapamycin?

My health tracker was really the Amazon Halo ( I exploit the time period “fitbit” as only a generic health tracker).

May very well be cytosolic ROS which I believe are a byproduct of improved autophagy.

Our compounding pharmacy buys the sirolimus in bulk and compounds any dimension caps we would like. I began with 4mg caps, then went to 8mg, ie-2 caps, now utilizing 2,-10mg caps every dose for a complete of 20mg/dose. No opposed results of any form to this point.

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Jerry we’re seeing rather a lot bioavailability points with rapamycin from compounding pharmacies…

See right here Bioavailability of Rapamycin From Compounding Pharmacy

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Undoubtedly value getting a Labcorp blood take a look at 1 1/2 to 2 hours after dose to your t-max ng/mL.

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After experimentation, I’ve discovered that an antibiotic cream is simpler than isoconazole for eliminating Rapamycin zits. Subsequently these outbreaks are in all probability bacterial in nature and doubtless why they escape while you take Rapamycin. Is smart to me.



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