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Cowl Crops – Greens with a Better Function


Wandering by means of the rows of vibrant fruit timber at Frog Hole Farm is actually a magical expertise – gazing upwards to look at the ripening fruit, picturesque blue sky, and gorgeously inexperienced leaves. However what makes our orchard so particular is not only the natural fruit adorning the excessive branches of the timber. Comply with your gaze downwards from the cover and also you’ll be greeted with an abundance of lush inexperienced grasses that carpet the bottom. In contrast to typical farms which will depart naked floor between timber, we be sure that the land is roofed by varied crops that maintain the land wholesome and root programs robust. This pure cowl of crops is aptly referred to as cowl crops, or crops which are grown for the safety and enrichment of the soil, each between crops and on fallow fields. 

Advantages Beneath Us

In addition to making our orchard look lush and filled with colour, cowl crops are doing work within the soil that one can’t see simply by trying. Cowl crops not solely defend the land, however give again to the earth as properly. Elevated water retention, decreased erosion, improved soil combination stability, and better ranges of natural matter are simply among the benefits that cowl crops can present to a farm and its produce. By letting cowl crops develop, their roots can set up within the earth, which transfers vitamins and water by means of completely different layers of the soil. These roots additionally make good houses for microscopic communities of fungi, microbes, and micro organism that assist to cycle vitamins inside the soil and enrich the bottom.

These cowl crops not solely present advantages to our soil proper beneath our toes, but in addition on prime of it. Some cowl crops even appeal to native pollinators that maintain our farm ecosystem thriving – no surprise there may be an abundance of bees and butterflies at Frog Hole Farm! When our cowl crops develop thick and tall inside the orchard, our crew goes by means of the rows of timber with mowers and weed whackers to cut them down, leading to a strong inexperienced mulch. As this layer decomposes in place, it provides natural matter to the bottom, nourishing all of our timber. 

Many farms will until their soil regularly, which destroys cowl crop roots and these useful microbe communities together with them. Since we at Frog Hole follow minimal tilling and mow cowl crops into mulch, we obtain all the advantages from these tiny powerhouses that others might overlook. 

Masking our Tracks

As a dedicated natural, regenerative grower, we’ve got at all times used cowl crops for his or her pure advantages to the orchard, but in addition to solidify our function as a steward of the land. We let no matter is within the seedbed come up naturally – what many different farmers might think about to be weeds. Together with these useful, naturally -occurring cowl crops, we’ve got additionally adopted a technique of planting chosen cowl crops. We love nitrogen fixing crops, like  beans, peas, and vetch, that take up nitrogen from the ambiance and remodel it right into a kind that timber and crops can use. Through the use of a mix of those leguminous crops mixed with grasses like barley, oats, and wheat, we maintain our soil ecosystem thriving and resilient. Our agricultural methods goal to depart the land higher than it was discovered, defending not solely our beloved timber, however all the native biodiversity that additionally calls this farm house, even within the face of adversity. 

Coping with Drought

As everyone knows from scorching temperatures and lack of rainfall, California is presently experiencing a historic drought and threats of fireside seem nearer to house day by day. Scorching, naked floor can kill these beneficial microbe communities inside the soil. So what can our cowl crops do to assist with these water woes? Fortunately, quite a bit! The insulating inexperienced mulch across the timber from cowl crop trimmings retains moisture within the floor throughout these harsh summer time months. The bottom stays cool and coated, and there may be much less water misplaced by means of evaporation. Mixed with our micro sprinkler system, our timber solely get as a lot water as they want, preserving our microbe buddies and avoiding wasteful watering by means of the summer time. 

 So the subsequent time you cross a farm, look nearer between the rows. That cowl of inexperienced vegetation is offering a loads of companies to the crops, wildlife, and soil – serving to to create a wholesome farm ecosystem and scrumptious fruits for you and me!



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