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Your Rapamycin / Metformin / Complement Stack? – Dietary supplements

You need to use a JAK inhibitor, however personally I’m attacking the method downstream of that. I’m fairly nervous in regards to the unintended effects of attacking NF kappa B itself in any method.

I’ve simply listened to the Kirkland presentation which is sweet. He misses out some materials that he will not be conscious of. There’s a paper that demonstrates the the explanation why osteoclasts and osteoblasts differentiate otherwise which hyperlinks to Acetyl-CoA.

On the subject of NF kappa B you will need to word that there are three ranges of stress on a cell. The primary degree is HIF 1 alpha which AFAIK is completely good, if issues worsen it goes to NRF2, at an additional stage it begins being NF kappa B. (you’ll be able to see this within the hypoxia papers). NF kappa B on this state of affairs is a type of mobile warfare.

I did a web page on this which hyperlinks to the papers:


Simply completed the discuss of Prof Thomas Rando.

He talks about parabiosis at 21:37, progresses to food regimen and train (fasting, intermittent fasting), quiescent versus activated stem cells for regeneration.

I gauge the interestingness (for need of a greater time period), and even the profundity of a chat, by the individuals it engages. The individuals who requested questions after the discuss have been, Prof Brian Kennedy first, then Dr. Barzilai, two gents, then Prof Andrea Maier.

There isn’t a proof that blood transfusions confer any profit 41:14.


Very fascinating, thanks rather a lot for sharing. Will need to get again to your weblog at a later time when I’ve some extra time accessible to learn it correctly, however Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss have additionally mentioned Varoxia – they counsel doing Train with Oxygen Remedy.

I suppose I’m a bit lazy. I like issues I can do while having the ability to do work so I don’t need to dedicate time particularly to a selected process.

For instance the very first thing I do within the morning as soon as I’m up is to breathe molecular Hydrogen for about 20 minutes which supplies me the anti OH results of molecular Hydrogen for an excellent interval of the day. I can try this while utilizing my laptop computer.

If I could ask.

What’s your process?

How are you producing / getting hydrogen?

Wow – an excellent warning for all of us! And why common blood testing may be very precious when you’re taking these longevity interventions. We nonetheless don’t know the outcomes of many of those combos of medication and dietary supplements with any degree of confidence.


Its one among these on 40-50%

I’ve not tried to isolate out any impact from this, however by way of lowering oxidative injury its price a shot.

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Properly, I used to be speaking about methods within the margin right here as each of the drugs are typically protected. My considering was that if sglt-2 inhibitors can improve danger of UTI on account of peeing out sugar, and rapamycin can improve danger of bacterial infections (no less than quickly), then possibly it’s not good to be on each concurrently.

BUT, since SGLT-2 inhibitors are actually additionally being proven to have mtor inhibitory results, my present thought is that it’s maybe really good to be on each on the identical time if one is on the lookout for a pan-mtor technique.

The sooner danger could possibly be ameliorated by not consuming an excessive amount of sugar or excessive glycemic load meals quickly after taking them each. Or there was additionally an earlier suggestion of utilizing D-mannose to cut back danger of UTI.

John_Hemming, Do you have got a background in medication, or have you ever finished deep analysis as a result of, like me, you don’t essentially have full religion in your Physician’s skilled opinions? Studying by means of bits of data like that is like attending a 15 minute in-depth medical seminar.

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My diploma is in Physics specialising in Atomic, Nuclear and Theoretical. That was a very long time in the past. I spend quite a lot of time finding out biochemistry. I’d not say I don’t think about my Physician’s opinions. We’ve fascinating discussions. I’d say that the character of the analysis course of is such that folks have to get funding for analysis initiatives. That to some extent constrains a few of the analysis. I can analysis what I discover fascinating and I pay the prices myself.

I spend maybe GBP 250 per week on common on blood testing for instance. Nevertheless, I discover the data I get from this important. As a result of I’m difficult my metabolism in numerous methods I’d need to know ASAP if I’m doing any hurt.


Anymore information on SGLT-2’s having mtor inhibitory results?

Matt Kaeberlein’s discuss at 59:24.


Would love crucial suggestions on my stack – What am I lacking – what’s an antagonist of one thing else I’m taking – what’s synergistic – how are these doses?

Rapamycin 4 mg each 10 days – 4 months into this . . .
Metformin 250 mg morning and night time 15 years into this . . .
Glycine 2-3 g all through day
TMG 1 g
NAC 1800 mg per day
CaAKG DoNotAge 800 mg
Sirt6 activator (Fucoidan) DoNotAge 800 mg
Aspirin 85 mg per day
Soluble Fiber 35-40 g per day
Apigenin 500 mg per day
EPA/DHA from Fish Oil – 10-12 g per day
BROQ Sulforaphane – 20 mg
Creatine 5 g per day
L reuteri; L plantarum; Ankkermansia probiotics day by day
Melatonin 1.5 mg nightly
Lithium 1 mg
DHEA 25 mg
CDP Choline
Magnesium (as Magnesium Threonate) 144 mg
Spermidine 1 g (spermidine wealthy wheat germ extract – internet spermidine content material unknown)
Vitamin D 2000 iu
Benfotamine 150 mg
RDA – A&E plus combined and tocopherols
Grape seed extract 100 mg
Glucosamine 400mg
Zinc Picolinate 30 mg
ALCAR – 1.2 g
Pycnogenol 100 mg
Fisetin 100 mg day by day with 1g megadose each different week
Pterostylbene 50 mg – no Resveratrol
TUDCA – 1g
Boron 3mg
Taurine 1g
Timeline Urolithin A 500 mg
Kaempferia 100mg
Life Extension Ageless Cell (EGCG, NAC, Myrecetin, Gamma Tocotrenol) – 1x per day
Life Extension Longevity AI Mix (GLA, Ginseng, Withaferin A) 1x per day
CoQ10 300 mg
Niacin 300mg

Different Disciplines:
Each day dry Sauna – 15 minute
Nightly chilly water soak at about 68 F quarter-hour
Each day weight coaching
Each day 2 mile stroll reasonable tempo

Weight loss program – 10/14 consuming window (14 hour quick) – Keto – lower than 20g internet Carbs – 20 g C8 MCT oil – Prebiotic fiber (bullet Proof) 20g – Colostrum 20 g – broccoli with recent garlic – olive oil – grass fed lean steak – cauliflower – inexperienced tea matcha – 1 cup espresso day by day

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