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12 Homes of Astrology: Your Full Information

There’s a lot extra to astrology than your solar, moon and rising indicators! Ever heard of the 12 homes of astrology? The 12 homes—huh!?

Whereas studying your solar signal horoscope within the newspaper or in {a magazine} was probably the gateway into the world of astrology, there’s a treasure trove of data and perception accessible to you in your natal chart.

What precisely is a natal chart?! Your natal chart is a snapshot of the precise second you have been born, charting the place of the ten planets, 12 zodiac indicators and 12 homes.

The 12 homes floor the celestial magic of astrology all the way down to the earthly airplane and supply extra context and perception. A foundational piece of astrology, the 12 homes of astrology signify main themes in life in addition to the 12 zodiac indicators.

We’ll get into all this, however what that you must know proper now’s that with out wanting on the homes, you’re solely getting a fraction of the image.

It’s one factor to know your large 3: solar, moon, rising. However have you learnt what it means to have your Venus within the 4th home, or Pluto within the twelfth? Your natal chart holds all of the solutions!

If you happen to’ve by no means checked out your natal chart, there are a lot of free sources! You’ll simply want your precise delivery time. Go to Cafe Astrology and pull yours up!

Let’s check out the which means of every of the 12 homes of astrology and how one can interpret your personal natal chart.


Understanding the 12 Homes of Astrology

astrological houses clockConsider the 12 homes of astrology as an anchor for the planets to tie to. Represented by the 12 zodiac indicators, the primary home is Aries, the second is Taurus, and so forth.

Inside your natal chart, there are 12 homes, 12 zodiac indicators (Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and so on.) and ten planets (Solar, Moon, Mercury, and so on.). Every of the 12 homes have each a planetary and zodiac ruler, which you’ll see in your natal chart.

Your natal chart appears like a wheel, with a lot of traces, glyphs and numbers. On the left hand aspect, you will have your rising signal which can all the time be within the 1st home. Your rising signal is the zodiac constellation that was fairly actually rising within the east on the time of your delivery.

The 12 homes of astrology present the lived expertise of the place of the planets in your natal chart.

The homes unfold counterclockwise, with the quantity within the small circle within the center, and present the lived expertise of the place of the planets in your natal chart.

The homes discovered under the horizon line working out of your rising signal (ascendant) to your descendant, 1-6, signify your internal world. The homes discovered above the horizon, 7-12, signify your connection to your outer world.

Though every home is natally dominated by a selected zodiac signal, your ascendant will all the time signify your 1st home. So in case your rising signal is Aquarius, you’ll have Aquarius within the 1st home.

Able to dive into the central themes of every of the 12 homes in astrology?! Let’s take a tour!

Right here Are the Central Themes for the 12 Homes of Astrology


1st Home: The Self and Id

Natal Rulership: Aries, Mars

Key phrases: Self, Id, Ego, Consciousness, Look

Central Theme: The first home, your ascendant, is all concerning the self and your private expertise in life. Aries is a go-getter and loves to guide the pack. Ever the assured chief, Aries is a badass.

With the Aries-Mars rulership within the 1st home, that is additionally the place you expertise consciousness, willpower, and self-identity. The first home is how you’re perceived by others, but in addition the way you understand your self. Your 1st home is your first impression!

If in case you have any planetary placements within the 1st home, you’ll see them present up in important methods in your life. That is the place you uncover and set up your “I Am” in life.

2nd Home: Private Funds and Values

taurus and venus 2Natal Rulership: Taurus, Venus

Key phrases: Self-worth, Shallowness, Funds, Possessions, Values

Central Theme: The 2nd home, dominated by Taurus, is all concerning the materials and tangible facets of life, together with funds, intercourse, pleasure and possessions. You expertise and specific your earthly values from the 2nd home, in addition to your shallowness and self-worth.

The 2nd home may also dictate the kind of profession you comply with to create probably the most materials good points. It’s all about “I’ve” with the 2nd home.

This home can have a shadow aspect with how your funds and materials good points are related to your self-worth and shallowness, so pay attention to this affiliation.

third Home: Communication

Natal Rulership: Gemini, Mercury

Key phrases: Language, Communication, Expertise, Journey, Relationships

Central Theme: The third home is the way you talk with the world round you and specific what’s occurring in your internal world. Dominated by Mercury, the planet of expertise, communication and journey, the third home is your automobile of expression and intelligence.

That is the place “I Assume” comes from. You’ll additionally discover your expertise and skills within the third home, serving to you hone what you’re good at.

Moreover, the third home represents your simplest (or difficult) relationships with family members, siblings, household and neighbors or colleagues. If you happen to like (or dislike) journey, that is the home that represents each brief and long-term journey.

When Mercury stations retrograde, look to the third home for extra perception.

4th Home: House and Household

Natal Rulership: Most cancers, The Moon

Key phrases: House, Household, Nesting, Security, Ancestry

Central Theme: Sitting on the backside of your natal chart lives the literal basis of your life—your home of house and household.

The protection facet of your house covers each literal security, like a safe house, and likewise emotional and private security, together with how at house you are feeling inside your self.

Ruling all the things that’s related to your roots, the 4th home additionally represents ancestors and what you’ve inherited from dad and mom and ancestors. If you happen to don’t have relationship with your loved ones, extra perception may be discovered right here.

The location of this home is critical as all the things is constructed round it, and planets on this home will straight affect your house life—previous, current, and future.

fifth Home: Pleasure and Creativity

Natal Rulership: Leo, The Solar

Key phrases: Creativity, Play, Pleasure, Pleasure, Leisure

Central Theme: Most of the earthly pleasures are expressed and skilled within the fifth home. Dominated by Leo and The Solar, this home is all about having fun with life, taking part in, being artistic, surrounding your self with family members and leisure.

Within the fifth home, you’ll not solely discover methods to take pleasure in life, but in addition athleticism and sports activities, which on the shadow aspect may also embrace playing and sports activities betting.

Moreover, you could find perception to non-romantic or informal intercourse within the fifth home. As the home of the center, you’ll expertise all of your artistic pleasures, passions and pursuits right here. Leo power is aware of easy methods to have enjoyable, so look to this home in case you want an infusion of creativity!

sixth Home: Well being and Service

Natal Rulership: Virgo, Mercury

Key phrases: Well being, Hygiene, Service, Obligation, Pets

Central Theme:
Well being is wealth, and nobody understands this greater than a Virgo! The sixth home is the place you’ll discover all issues associated to your bodily well being and wellbeing.

Centered round service and responsibility, you’ll additionally discover work that isn’t profession associated within the sixth home. Assume volunteering, not climbing the company ladder. Do you’re keen on what you do, or do you’re keen on how you do it?

Routine associated to bodily well being and the psyche reside within the sixth home, which naturally governs how effectively you’ll be able to do mentioned work.

If you happen to love pets, your relationship to earth’s creatures are within the sixth home as they signify each well being and routine. If you happen to weren’t among the many droves of people that adopted a pet in 2020, possibly now’s the time to add unconditional love to your life!


seventh Home: Interpersonal Relationships

Natal Rulership: Libra, Venus

Key phrases: Romantic Relationships, Enterprise Partnership, Marriage, Contracts

Central Theme: As a human, you will have an array of relationships in your life. The seventh home guidelines partnerships, particularly long-term romantic relationships, marriage and particularly enterprise partnership.

All within the realm of affection on some degree, this Venus-ruled home is residence to your one-on-one connection to others.

Seeking to embark on a three way partnership with somebody or signal a contract? Try what’s taking place within the present astrology in your seventh home first. That is additionally the place you’ll discover perception to equality in your relationships and the way you share.

The seventh home is the start of the interpersonal homes (7-12) so that is the place you’ll set up a lot of that basis.

Interpersonal relationships embrace any union or interplay outdoors of your self. Which is just about the entire world! If you happen to’re struggling to get together with somebody or set up equity, the seventh home has the solutions.

eighth Home: Intercourse and Intimacy

Natal Rulership: Scorpio, Mars and Pluto

Key phrases: Intercourse, Loss of life, Taxes, Shared Funds, Property

Central Theme: The idiom “demise and taxes” is so the eighth home of astrology. Who knew intercourse, demise and taxes had a lot in widespread? The eighth home, dominated by Scorpio, is a deep effectively of thriller and merging. Start additionally lives right here.

Your esoteric magic additionally lives right here! Scorpio is a watery signal that has direct entry to mysticism and magic. As an indication that likes to be in management, you can too discover tendencies to dominate right here … within the bed room and the boardroom.

Ruling the enterprise facet of marriage, that is the place you’ll discover joint financial institution accounts, shared investments and property, and contracts like wills and divorces.

Completely different from the funds of the 2nd home, the eighth home guidelines long-term earnings that we lovingly check with as a nest egg. Look to this home earlier than making large choices that contain funds with others.

ninth Home: Journey and Schooling

sagittariusNatal Rulership: Sagittarius, Jupiter

Key phrases: Journey, Schooling, Philosophy, Faith, Ethics

Central Theme: Ever the spontaneous soul, Sagittarius is the ruler of the ninth home, so be sure you have a legitimate passport!

Instructing, publishing and broadcasting may also be expressed within the ninth home, serving to you spark life into all these nice concepts swimming in your head and coronary heart.

The ninth home is the place you share your self with the world! From journey to cross-cultural relations, you are able to do and see all of it from right here.

Additionally ruling entrepreneurship and the need to “go it alone” the ninth home is stuffed with the spirit of journey and exploration. Feed your thoughts and uncover what units your soul on fireplace.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune, guidelines Sagittarius so that is additionally the place to look in case you’re inquisitive about your fortune or if that lotto ticket is fortunate. This expansive home is the literal spice of life!

tenth Home: Profession and Goal

Natal Rulership: Capricorn, Saturn

Key phrases: Profession, Fame, Construction, Boundaries, Awards, Authority, Self-discipline

Central Theme: “Work exhausting, play exhausting” is the theme of the tenth home the place profession involves information you to your true north. Sitting on the very prime of your chart on the 12 o’clock place, the tenth home carries perception as to what you’re greatest suited to do for work.

Persevering with on the interpersonal relationship theme of homes 7-12, the tenth home is the head of being seen within the public eye. And whereas that is very a lot about being seen, it additionally absolutely encompasses your objective on earth.

You possibly can uncover what legacy you’re leaving by wanting on the placements of the tenth home. That is about a lot greater than wanting good. It’s about leaving one thing behind that appears good, features and shall be round for many years to come back.

Verify your ego on the door although, as a result of Saturn doesn’t have time for it.

eleventh Home: Social Justice and Expertise

Natal Rulership: Aquarius, Saturn, Uranus

Key phrases: Social Justice, Revolt, Expertise, Existential Enlightenment, Invention, Futurism

Central Theme: The chief of any social justice march is more likely to be an Aquarius. Pushed by serving the collective and seeing issues in another way, the eleventh home is the place you’ll discover the important thing to creating waves in your life.

Whether or not it’s by expertise or fantastical pondering, the long run is ever current within the eleventh home.

Your particular person expression and the way it pertains to the collective lives within the eleventh home. If you happen to really feel pushed to make change, look right here to find what placements it’s a must to take advantage of use of your efforts.

As we come to the tip of the 12 homes, the eleventh is probably the most related to the world outdoors of you, together with revolutions, house and astronomy.

twelfth Home: Endings and Service

Natal Rulership: Pisces, Neptune

Key phrases: Endings, Service, Psychological Well being, Afterlife, Unconscious, Spirituality

Central Theme: Right here we’re on the finish of the soul’s evolutionary journey within the twelfth home dominated by mystical and uber non secular Pisces. The place the first home started with the self and beginnings, the twelfth home concludes with endings and the realm of the paranormal.

You will discover nice sources of creativity, spirituality, connection past this realm and magic right here. Whereas it could be tougher to understand, the presents of the twelfth home are the true present of being alive as a non secular being in a human physique.

Look to this home to find the way you work together together with your unconscious and creativity, each of that are intangible at occasions.

Nevertheless, with out clear limits and limits on this home, you can too see exploration get the perfect of you by way of dependancy and dissociation from actuality. Don’t attempt to escape the realities of the twelfth home, however embrace them with each aspect of your soul.

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Be Empowered & Know Your self By way of the 12 Homes of Astrology

natal chart 2Your natal chart is uniquely yours. Like a fingerprint in a sea of billions of people, nobody on earth previous, current or future can have a precise reproduction of your natal chart.

Working as an evolutionary map of the soul, you may uncover and perceive a lot about your self by the 12 homes in your natal chart.

Use this information as a option to decipher the completely different facets and relationships in your life, and have enjoyable! Astrology isn’t legislation. It’s merely one other instrument so as to add to your belt with the intention to perceive your self higher so you may perceive others.

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