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17-Alpha Estradiol – One other High Anti-Ageing Drug – complement

Hello, I used the compound within the hyperlink, and tried to dissolve 10mg 17aE2 in 50mL distilled water(DW), which was unsuccessful. 1mg in 50mL DW was additionally unsuccessful (after vortexing + warmth and so on). I examined wheter absolutely dissolved 17aE2 in DMSO could possibly be diluted in DW, however crystals have been fashioned. Therefore I used 100% MCT oil as a diluting resolution, not DW. Contemplating the studied solubility of E2 (, a lot decrease focus in DW is perhaps achievable.

Aqueous Solubilities of Estrone, 17β-Estradiol, 17α-Ethynylestradiol, and Bisphenol A

Full Paper PDF Right here: Sci-Hub | Aqueous Solubilities of Estrone, 17β-Estradiol, 17α-Ethynylestradiol, and Bisphenol A | 10.1021/je050318c


Oh, and by the best way. Please do pre-testing (bloodwork, and maybe some epigenetic or organic age calculations) earlier than beginning A17estradiol, after which in some unspecified time in the future after (e.g. 6 months), so we will see if there’s any measurable distinction… A Pleasant, Organic Age Discount Competitors?


Heard from one other physician who’s making an attempt 17 alpha estradiol and he says… for disolving / administration of the compound:

50% ethanol sublingual is least expensive


Are you able to please share your actual dosing technique and dosing degree for 17-alpha estradiol? How a lot 17aE, how usually?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Nonetheless, as I’ve been taking plenty of issues for the final 8 years (since I turned 30) together with SGLT2 inhibitors voglibose, metformin and rapamycin (principally in sequencial method) so it is perhaps much less informative and interpretation might be messy.

I began from 1mg per day and after 3 consecutive days experiencing surprising zits in my face, descending to 0.5mg per day. Will replace on this.


Hello DrEcsta

Do you discover another results ?


At the moment, I dissolved 17 alpha estradiol in 50% ethanol and put them on sublingual for two minutes, then spitted it out.

Initially, I deliberate conserving it within the mouth for five minutes, however 50% ethanol on my sublingual was so scorching and aggravating, so I solely saved it for two minutes. Excessive focus ethanol damage my oral mucosa, and I had numb tongue for greater than 30 minutes.

Do anybody have expertise of sublingual administration with ethanol? I don’t know if it is a right approach for the sublingual administration, I don’t know if 2 minutes on sublingual is just too lengthy or too quick? And may I dilute 50% ethanol to decrease focus?



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