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Are Biotin and Collagen the important thing to reaching your hair and pores and skin targets? — NHL Med Aesthetics

Breaking Down Biotin & Collagen

Collagen is essentially the most plentiful protein in your physique. It’s a fibrous protein present in connective tissue resembling tendons, muscle groups, ligaments, and bones. It’s also in your vertebral discs, enamel, corneas, intestine, and blood vessels. As we age, our physique produces much less collagen, which may in flip lead to depleted pores and skin elasticity, which then impacts scalp well being and may deplete hair power. Collagen peptides added to your food plan might serve to exchange what your physique begins to lack as you age, and help your general well being. Growing consumption can enhance the thickness of your hair and nails.

Biotin (also called vitamin B7 or vitamin H) is a water-soluble vitamin, and may also be discovered in lots of meals resembling eggs, organ meats, nuts, and so on. Biotin primarily helps hair well being by breaking down macronutrients within the physique for cell renewal and progress. Biotin deficiency is uncommon, nonetheless, When you don’t have sufficient biotin, you might have pores and skin rashes, hair loss, and fragile nails. Whereas Biotin analysis is proscribed, there’s proof which helps that if poor, biotin supplementation may help stop hair loss and promote wholesome hair.

Dietary Band-Support

Each of those may help with stopping breakage, thickening of hair and general more healthy hair progress. Are these the answer to hair loss? No. Whereas supplementation is necessary if poor, attending to the basis reason behind your hair loss is of utmost significance, in any other case we’re simply placing a giant Dietary Band-Support on this problem to delay the inevitable loss that can happen. Consulting with a hair loss specialist will allow you to provide you with a well-rounded plan of motion that mixes dietary help together with therapies geared at stopping additional loss and getting you your healthiest hair.


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Complimentary Consultations – Converse 1:1 with our hair loss specialists to find the kind of hair loss you might be experiencing. Achieve perception into regimens that can enhance and in lots of circumstances reverse areas of loss, in addition to a customized program in your targets.

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