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Bushes with Edible Leaves

Abelmoschus manihot is one in every of my favorites.  It cooks up tender, delicate impartial style, and extra nutritious than spinach.  Plus it’s stunning.

This previous 12 months, I’ve grown to like Chaya.  I used to be a bit hesitant due to the cyanide, however boiling the leaves in a non aluminum pot makes it protected.  It tastes nice, extremely nutritious and is easy to develop.  It was difficult to say the least attempting to develop extra conventional veggies and greens on the farm with gophers, squirrels, and rabbits.  Squirrels had no downside climbing my tall steel planters.  All of the animals left the Chaya to develop large and it’s a bonus they’re really easy to propagate from cuttings.

Mulberries are one in every of my favorites to develop so I’m actually concerned about attempting the younger leaves of the alba varieties.  I didn’t know they had been so filled with vitamins.  I don’t have the three varieties that the guide talked about with probably the most tender leaves however I’ve over a dozen varieties to check.

Hope others will experiment as properly and report again.




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