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Glycine+NAC vs Rapamycin – Dietary supplements

Sure, the conflicting research are problematic certainly. “I’m not positive why antioxidants by meals can be any completely different from dietary supplements until it’s the dosage.” The excessive dose, enhanced bioavailability, maybe the truth that dietary supplements often encompass sure extracted bioactive compounds in isolation – or doubtlessly a mix of the three? Who would be capable of inform.
However you’re undoubtedly proper, sooner or later you’ll run right into a research that claims a compound reduces most cancers incidence; the subsequent day a paper that claims the alternative. There does look like a distinction in terms of the consequences of antioxidants on the expansion of already established tumors versus the danger of growing most cancers.

As to extra research about most cancers incidence/tumor development, moreover Vitamin C, E, NAC: out of the highest of my head I solely keep in mind this Thiamine research. Thiamine additionally has sturdy antioxidant properties, albeit I’ve no clue in any respect whether or not these antioxidant actions could play a job within the results on tumour proliferation famous on this research: The impact of thiamine supplementation on tumour proliferation. A metabolic management evaluation research – PubMed

With regard to glycine there’s additionally some conflicting analysis – I assume we may drive ourselves mad with this if we’d wish to :woozy_face:.

” Serine and Glycine Metabolism

Like glucose, amino acids are additionally necessary for the synthesis of constructing blocks, together with proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids, which are essential to most cancers cell proliferation (Murugan, 2019; Sivanand and Vander Heiden, 2020; Vettore et al., 2020). Serine, as a one-carbon supply in nucleotide synthesis and DNA methylation, performs an necessary function in most cancers development. Many tumors depend upon the supply of extracellular serine for fast proliferation. Serine hunger inhibits the proliferation of colorectal most cancers cells in in vitro (Labuschagne et al., 2014; Maddocks et al., 2016) and tumor development in in vivo (Maddocks et al., 2013). Furthermore, restriction of serine and glycine consumption can inhibit tumor development and lengthen the survival time of tumor-bearing mice (Maddocks et al., 2017). Extra curiously, this impact is extra pronounced in tumor cells with a p53 deficiency (Maddocks et al., 2013). Serine is a small, impartial amino acid and may be imported into the cell by Na±dependent transporters like ASCT1 (SLC1A4), which is upregulated in each breast most cancers (Pollari et al., 2011) and lung most cancers (Riscal et al., 2016), system A transporters like SNAT1 (SLC38A1), and the ASC system (El-Hattab, 2016). Nevertheless, whether or not the exogenous serine or glycine helps the proliferation of most cancers cells remains to be extremely debatable. Jain et al. (2012) recognized glycine as a key metabolite for fast most cancers cell proliferation, however Labuschagne et al. (2014) theorized that nucleotide synthesis and most cancers cell proliferation are supported by serine reasonably than glycine consumption. Thus, it’s attainable that completely different most cancers sorts have particular vitamin addictions (Altman et al., 2016; Bernfeld and Foster, 2019; Maggi and Scotti, 2019; Vettore et al., 2020).”
Frontiers | Metabolism of Amino Acids in Most cancers

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Sure, you’ll be able to get hold of Glycine from serine, however serine has the hyperlink to most cancers. So Glycine is superior to serine IMHO.

After studying all of those articles, I had determined to proceed with 3 g of Glycine a day and 1 g of NAC (down from 3g)

I imagine the translated dose equal for the mouse lung most cancers research was 8g day by day of NAC. This isn’t exceedingly excessive.

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have a look at this in relation with the sleep!

Can bodily exercise get rid of the mortality threat related to poor sleep?


My present to you… eventually, excellent news for poor sleepers!


I’d have an interest within the particulars of research that confirmed no results or have been constructive for NAC use. Taking NAC appears dangerous because of the anti oxidant results

Though small research counsel that NAC could inhibit most cancers biomarker growth (15) (16), a big trial discovered it didn’t inhibit formation of secondary head and neck or lung tumors (17). Different preliminary findings counsel NAC could assist scale back most cancers treatment-related uncomfortable side effects reminiscent of liver toxicity (4), neuropathy (18) (57), mucositis (43) (50), or poor hematopoietic operate (58), but it surely didn’t scale back oxidative stress (42) or cisplatin toxicities (51). It’s also unclear whether or not NAC, as an antioxidant, could alter most cancers therapy effectiveness.


It appears that evidently glucosamine can also be thought-about a calorie restriction mimetic.

Full research is downloadable on the location.

Improve in lifespan of mice was round 10%.

Moreover, a dose-dependent lifespan
curve was noticed, which is supported by earlier epidemiological
information displaying decrease mortality with increased doses of glucosamine [22]. Of
additional be aware is a large-scale potential cohort research involving 490,000
topics in 2020 reporting that glucosamine consumption diminished the danger of
most cancers, coronary heart illness, respiratory illness, digestive illness, and mortality
[26]. This discount in mortality (HR: 0.85, 95percentCI: 0.82~0.89)
could also be as a consequence of a physiological impact that’s fairly completely different from the impact
on the knee joint. There are experiences of a attainable rationalization of mechanism for this mortality discount. In a scientific trial, oral administration
of glucosamine modulates the intracellular redox state, thereby
enhancing vascular endothelial operate [27]. As well as, though this
information has been reported in a preclinical research, the regulatory impact of
glucosamine on carbohydrate metabolism and autophagy may play a
function in its potential anti-aging results, thus decreasing mortality threat [28].
Subsequently, based mostly on the proof that we may get hold of, among the many
numerous CRMs and geroprotectors, glucosamine is without doubt one of the more than likely
to extend the wholesome human lifespan.


Glucosamine, chondroitn, hyaluronic acid, and MSM are all lectin binding molecules. I discovered this out some time again once I was studying Gundry. All it’s important to do is sort any of them into google scholar with the phrases ” lectin binding” and you’ll get an enormous checklist of research. I began taking a capsule with all of them with each meal, since to me it appears it’s important to bind to the lectins when they’re in your intestine proper?

The opposite factor is that Malcolm Kendrick in his e book involves the conclusion that the glycocalax is fabricated from this stuff and taking them will assist shield arteries.

It’s good to see that they’re getting the fitting solutions though we don’t know the precise mechanism.


Quoting the research: “GlyNAC was offered as capsules of glycine (1.31 mmol/kg/d) and cysteine (0.83 mmol/kg/d, offered as N-acetylcysteine, NAC), ready by a licensed compounding pharmacist, and replenished each 4 weeks for the 12-week period of supplementation.”
Molecular plenty of glycine, NAC and cysteine are 75,07 g/mol, 163,19 g/mol and 121,16 g/mol respectively. These figures produce doses for glycine and NAC of 98 mg/kg/day and 132 mg/kg/day respectively.
However within the research they point out dose of cysteine, not NAC. Subsequently and on my foundation of molecular mass of cysteine being 74,2% of NAC, dose of NAC to get 0.83 mmol/kg/day of cysteine reaches 178 mg/kg/day.
For a 87kg. man like me GlyNAC dosing turns into 8.7 g/day of glycine and 11,4 g/day of NAC.
No commercially obtainable glycine or NAC drugs match this dosing plan with out the picture of a day by day spectacular ammount of them on my desk for being equitably distributed in the primary 3 meals.
So I’m shopping for each glycine and NAC bulk – in EU – and encapsulating dimension “1” capsules.
Hope this helps these of you and please appropriate me when you assume I’m mistaken concerning the cysteine/NAC assumption or the calculations.

However don’t you assume taking each concurrently they mix into different compound or act in another way to taking any of them individually, to boost gluthatione manufacturing in our organism?. In different phrases, when taking each collectively they don’t act independently, as a result of if that’s the case IMHO no enhance of gluthatione manufacturing in our organism – the intention of your afore talked about research – can be reached at any level. OTOH I can’t discover any research displaying glycine or NAC alone notably growing gluthatione manufacturing.

I purchase glycine in bulk however I don’t encapsulate it. It’s candy and tastes higher than most different sugar substitutes. I apply it to cereal and many others. to complement my encapsulated kind. It’s not an excessive amount of for me to place 4-6 grams on my cereal.

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Sure, I do need extra glutathione with a giant *BUT. NAC is a improbable complement. It stops lung injury and protects lung cells. BUT, you probably have lung most cancers it’s going to ALSO shield the most cancers cells. That is the draw back to all anti-oxidants as a result of your physique makes use of ROS to kill troublesome cells that embrace most cancers. Anti-oxidants cease ROS and subsequently forestall your physique from cleansing up these troublesome cells. They provide an excessive amount of safety generally!

why not taking NAC ethyl ester (NACET) as a substitute, it claims to be 20x extra bioavailability than NAC. You dont must take a lot NAC per day anymore. NACET is out there on Amazon as well being complement.

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I’m not positive the scientific group is aware of every part concerning the results on antioxidants, I think completely different antioxidants works in numerous methods. The most recent research popping out of the ITP (not official but) exhibits a ten% lifespan enhance in mice utilizing astaxanthin. I think that it is because mice get most cancers ultimately, astaxanthin blunts that to some impact making mice reside longer.
Simply considering out loud.

No, I perceive your level. I’m slightly bit confused by the astaxanthin outcomes too. I do take astaxanthin in addition to vitamin C. Each are antioxidants. I’ve been involved concerning the research executed on NAC and lung most cancers. One mentioned it prevented it, one was impartial, and one mentioned it elevated your odds of getting lung most cancers to 10%. That final one made me frightened. Earlier than that, I used to be taking 3.2g of NAC day by day. Now I take simply 1g within the morning.

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After seeing the Brian Johnson protocol, I seen he takes 1.8 g of NAC within the morning and night for 3.6 g day by day. Based mostly on his stack, I can be upping my day by day NAC to 1.6 g of NAC within the morning.



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