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Intermediate Yoga Stream for a Self Follow

If you happen to your self are a yoga trainer, otherwise you’re a extra superior practitioner who doesn’t want all of the cues and alignment suggestions however need a sequence to maintain your routine contemporary – comply with alongside beneath.

It will let you be introspective, to show inwards and join together with your self.

I exploit no props for these sequences, however that is your apply – so seize no matter you wish to have useful.

Maintain every of the listed poses for about 5 breaths.

1. Desk Prime Sequence – Baby’s pose, cat/cow, proper aspect low lunge, half splits, modified aspect plank (left knee down). Repeat second aspect.

2. Low Lunge Sequence – Downward canine, three-legged canine (proper leg rises), step proper foot ahead, simple twist, extensive legged ahead fold. Repeat different aspect.

3. Standing Sequence – Chair pose, prayer twist to proper, preserve twist and step left foot again to excessive lunge, warrior 2, triangle, vinyasa. Repeat different aspect.

4. Kneeling Sequence – Desk prime, thread the needle with proper arm below (possibly straighten the left leg again). Repeat different aspect. Sit again on heels, modified camel.

5. Full Physique Sequence – Rag doll with palms clasped behind again and reaching up, preserve clasp, standing splits (left leg rises), warrior 1, three-legged canine (proper leg rises), wild factor, pigeon pose. Repeat different aspect.

6. Binding Sequence – Desk prime, modified aspect plank, left leg again, elevate left leg, add bind, cat pose. Repeat different aspect.

7. Grounded Sequence – Head to knee to proper leg (legs extensive), child wild factor. Repeat different aspect. Straddle ahead fold. Decrease for shoulder stand, plow, bridge, reclined head to knee (proper knee in), open to aspect, carry into twist. Repeat different aspect.

These 7 sequences are about half of an hour lengthy minimal cues class I shared throughout my channels.

Take pleasure in!




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