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Nansho Daidai and different Taiwanica cultivars

In Australia we’ve got the slender leaf sort of taiwanica, that you just had been anticipating.
It’s a very good wanting plant with its slender foliage and enormous fruit. The fruit is sort of bitter.
I’ve seen it in 3 Citrus arboretums and it’s immediately recognisable.

Cool to see it in arboretums. It’s totally bitter certainly, apparently it is thought-about as not excellent fruit, however I additionally learn that with sugar it does make good lemonade fashion drinks. (And in addition I although it was possibly attention-grabbing to make use of it for making hybrids.)

I grew seedlings of it and they’re extremely true to sort, with a just some variants.

It’s attainable that the Australian vegetation got here from the identical USDA supply and it isn’t the fitting one.
It would not be the primary time the plant within the USDA assortment will not be precisely proper.

Then again, the vegetation I see on the European Citrus nursery websites usually do not precisely match what I used to be anticipating to see from that selection.

I feel if you could find extra info out of Taiwan or Japan it might be a very good begin.

I am at all times completely happy to know the precise title of a cultivar I’ve, however I assume I simply have to discover a actual Nansho Daidai (slender leaves) after which style all of them. I have already got over 50 citrus vegetation and I might acutally prefer to get that quantity down, but when I can not discover info to check cultivars, then I can not assist however to get them and remove the least attention-grabbing ones myself  ::)

I’m positive that the slender leaf Nansho Daidai is current in Europe, however not many nurseries would have it. I am going to attempt to discover somebody for scions.

The vegetation within the footage in your put up from Adavo and Lenzi look extra like Bitter Orange, Citrus aurantium.

Nansho Daidai / Taiwanica can also be referred to as ‘Bitter Orange’. I normally say Bitter Orange for aurantium, however each are appropriate. I even have a Furrowed Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium canaliculata), however these leaves look completely different from each Lenzi’s and Adavo’s Taiwanica.



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