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Peak Weight Chart – Perfect Weight for Males and Girls

Sound well being is a prerequisite for happiness. Whereas for adults, it’s important for outlining your high quality of life, for youngsters, it’s important for correct progress, each bodily and mentally.

In different phrases, an indicative measure of excellent well being in adults is manifest within the top and weight chart, whereas in kids it attains larger significance since it’s the benchmark for the general improvement of the kid.

Since childhood, you might be accustomed to 2 adages “Well being is wealth” and “Sound thoughts in a sound physique”. Furthermore, these are two cardinal truths that amply outline what well being is all about.

So, merely being free from illness or infirmity doesn’t replicate your well being in totality. Above all, your well being ought to challenge your practical effectivity and outline it by way of the general situation of your physique, thoughts, and spirit.

Peak and Weight chart

The 2 major parameters that impression your well being – your top and weight are correlated utilizing top and weight charts. Thus, actually it units the requirements so that you can decide in case your top and weight are in concord, mirroring the state of your well being.

Different main elements that have an effect on weight:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Peak
  • Physique body measurement

Interpretation of the peak and weight chart

The peak and weight chart are meant that can assist you consider the affiliation between the 2 elements. And subsequently, it’s essential to correlate the ratio between the 2 by accurately deciphering your place within the chart. That’s the way you get three states from the chart. 

  • Wholesome weight: It means that you’re throughout the outlined ratio vary.
  • Underweight: You’re beneath the usual outlined within the chart. You could search skilled medical assist to seek out the rationale and treatment for it.
  • Chubby: Your weight is above the usual in your top. It denotes that you’re susceptible to a number of illnesses and should undertake remedial measures for weight reduction.

Use of the peak and weight chart

When you’ll be able to interpret the ratio, it really helps to observe the next:

Peak and Weight Chart for Males and Girls

Verify your top to weight ratio utilizing our approximate optimum common top to weight ratio chart information supplied beneath.

The desk beneath reveals each Metric and Imperial measurements, i.e. Inches/Centimeters – Kilos/Kilograms:

Adults Weight to Peak Ratio Chart
Peak Feminine Male
4′ 6″


(137 cm)

63/77 lb

(28.5/34.9 kg)

63/77 lb
(28.5/34.9 kg)
4′ 7″


(140 cm)

68/83 lb


(30.8/37.6 kg)

68/84 lb


(30.8/38.1 kg)

4′ 8″


(142 cm)

72/88 lb


(32.6/39.9 kg)

74/90 lb


(33.5/40.8 kg)

4′ 9″


(145 cm)

77/94 lb


(34.9/42.6 kg)

79/97 lb


(35.8/43.9 kg)

4′ 10″


(147 cm)

81/99 lb


(36.4/44.9 kg)

85/103 lb


(38.5/46.7 kg)

4′ 11″


(150 cm)

86/105 lb


(39/47.6 kg)

90/110 lb


(40.8/49.9 kg)

5′ 0″


(152 cm)

90/110 lb


(40.8/49.9 kg)

95/117 lb


(43.1/53 kg)

5′ 1″


(155 cm)

95/116 lb


(43.1/52.6 kg)

101/123 lb


(45.8/55.8 kg)

5′ 2″


(157 cm)

99/121 lb


(44.9/54.9 kg)

106/130 lb


(48.1/58.9 kg)

5′ 3″


(160 cm)

104/127 lb


(47.2/57.6 kg)

112/136 lb


(50.8/61.6 kg)

5′ 4″


(163 cm)

108/132 lb


(49/59.9 kg)

117/143 lb


(53/64.8 kg)

5′ 5″


(165 cm)

113/138 lb


(51.2/62.6 kg)

122/150 lb


(55.3/68 kg)

5′ 6″


(168 cm)

117/143 lb


(53/64.8 kg)

128/156 lb


(58/70.7 kg)

5′ 7″


(170 cm)

122/149 lb


(55.3/67.6 kg)

133/163 lb


(60.3/73.9 kg)

5′ 8″


(173 cm)

126/154 lb


(57.1/69.8 kg)

139/169 lb


(63/76.6 kg)

5′ 9″


(175 cm)

131/160 lb


(59.4/72.6 kg)

144/176 lb


(65.3/79.8 kg)

5′ 10″


(178 cm)

135/165 lb


(61.2/74.8 kg)

149/183 lb


(67.6/83 kg)

5′ 11″


(180 cm)

140/171 lb


(63.5/77.5 kg)

155/189 lb


(70.3/85.7 kg)

6′ 0″


(183 cm)

144/176 lb


(65.3/79.8 kg)

160/196 lb


(72.6/88.9 kg)

6′ 1″


(185 cm)

149/182 lb

(67.6/82.5 kg)

166/202 lb

(75.3/91.6 kg)

6′ 2″


(188 cm)

153/187 lb

(69.4/84.8 kg)

171/209 lb

 (77.5/94.8 kg)

6′ 3″


(191 cm)

158/193 lb

 (71.6/87.5 kg)

176/216 lb

 (79.8/98 kg)

6′ 4″


(193 cm)

162/198 lb


(73.5/89.8 kg)

182/222 lb


(82.5/100.6 kg)

6′ 5″


(195 cm)

167/204 lb


(75.7/92.5 kg)

187/229 lb


(84.8/103.8 kg)

You may calculate your supreme BMI utilizing the beneath components:

  • Weight in kilos = 5 x BMI + (BMI divided by 5) x (Peak in inches minus 60)
  • Weight in kilograms = 2.2 x BMI + (3.5 x BMI) x (Peak in meters minus 1.5)

Tricks to keep Perfect weight

The efficacy of the height-weight charts is most pronounced in adults because the measurements are standardized as in comparison with kids. So, actually for adults, it’s much less vulnerable to variation, which is essential within the case of rising kids, the place it will probably impression the event of the kid.

The deviation in weight is a pure corollary to the trendy life-style. Unhealthy meals habits, sedentary life-style and stress, are most significantly the important thing contributors to weight problems. This, in flip, can result in a number of sicknesses, the danger of which may be drastically lowered once you undertake the next measures:

1. Adhere to a Wholesome Food plan

Adhere to healthy diet and maintain your weight

2. Embrace energetic habits

Preserve your self match and energetic all through the day by following a every day routine of bodily exercise that fits your schedule. The thought is furthermore to stability the calorie consumption with calorie burn and be energetic.

Learn extra: Balanced Food plan – Meals to Eat and Keep away from

3. Satisfactory relaxation

Don’t forget the spirit of the adage, which defines a wholesome and sound thoughts in going to mattress early and rising early. Firstly, this retains the organic clock so as and secondly, balances hormone secretion within the physique.

As an illustration, stress causes hormonal imbalance in your physique and provides as the additional kilos in your weight. So, sufficient relaxation and sound sleep are important for the physique to deal with all of the rigorous actions. 

4. Cut back stress

You’ll really feel the easing of stress since you are inclined to observe wholesome meals habits, energetic life-style, and sleep soundly. Along with it, you’ll additional really feel relaxed as you shun smoking, ingesting, and extreme consumption of caffeine.

Learn extra: Prime 9 Meals That Will Assist Cut back Stress Ranges

So, Eat wholesome, balanced meals and keep away from processed meals. Make sure that you observe good meals habits because it defines your purpose to have a wholesome life-style.

It’s higher to eat small parts usually and be satiated quite than to starve. With a view to achieve all of this, you could find the right weight loss program plan for weight reduction. 

Peak Conversion Desk

Cm Ft In Ft Inches Meters
168.00 5′ 6.1417″ 5.5118 66.1417 1.6800
168.01 5′ 6.1457″ 5.5121 66.1457 1.6801
168.02 5′ 6.1496″ 5.5125 66.1496 1.6802
168.03 5′ 6.1535″ 5.5128 66.1535 1.6803
168.04 5′ 6.1575″ 5.5131 66.1575 1.6804
168.05 5′ 6.1614″ 5.5135 66.1614 1.6805
168.06 5′ 6.1654″ 5.5138 66.1654 1.6806
168.07 5′ 6.1693″ 5.5141 66.1693 1.6807
168.08 5′ 6.1732″ 5.5144 66.1732 1.6808
168.09 5′ 6.1772″ 5.5148 66.1772 1.6809
168.10 5′ 6.1811″ 5.5151 66.1811 1.6810
168.11 5′ 6.1850″ 5.5154 66.1850 1.6811
168.12 5′ 6.1890″ 5.5157 66.1890 1.6812
168.13 5′ 6.1929″ 5.5161 66.1929 1.6813
168.14 5′ 6.1969″ 5.5164 66.1969 1.6814
168.15 5′ 6.2008″ 5.5167 66.2008 1.6815
168.16 5′ 6.2047″ 5.5171 66.2047 1.6816
168.17 5′ 6.2087″ 5.5174 66.2087 1.6817
168.18 5′ 6.2126″ 5.5177 66.2126 1.6818
168.19 5′ 6.2165″ 5.5180 66.2165 1.6819
168.20 5′ 6.2205″ 5.5184 66.2205 1.6820
168.21 5′ 6.2244″ 5.5187 66.2244 1.6821
168.22 5′ 6.2283″ 5.5190 66.2283 1.6822
168.23 5′ 6.2323″ 5.5194 66.2323 1.6823
168.24 5′ 6.2362″ 5.5197 66.2362 1.6824
168.25 5′ 6.2402″ 5.5200 66.2402 1.6825
168.26 5′ 6.2441″ 5.5203 66.2441 1.6826
168.27 5′ 6.2480″ 5.5207 66.2480 1.6827
168.28 5′ 6.2520″ 5.5210 66.2520 1.6828
168.29 5′ 6.2559″ 5.5213 66.2559 1.6829
168.30 5′ 6.2598″ 5.5217 66.2598 1.6830
168.31 5′ 6.2638″ 5.5220 66.2638 1.6831
168.32 5′ 6.2677″ 5.5223 66.2677 1.6832
168.33 5′ 6.2717″ 5.5226 66.2717 1.6833
168.34 5′ 6.2756″ 5.5230 66.2756 1.6834
168.35 5′ 6.2795″ 5.5233 66.2795 1.6835
168.36 5′ 6.2835″ 5.5236 66.2835 1.6836
168.37 5′ 6.2874″ 5.5240 66.2874 1.6837
168.38 5′ 6.2913″ 5.5243 66.2913 1.6838
168.39 5′ 6.2953″ 5.5246 66.2953 1.6839
168.40 5′ 6.2992″ 5.5249 66.2992 1.6840
168.41 5′ 6.3031″ 5.5253 66.3031 1.6841
168.42 5′ 6.3071″ 5.5256 66.3071 1.6842
168.43 5′ 6.3110″ 5.5259 66.3110 1.6843
168.44 5′ 6.3150″ 5.5262 66.3150 1.6844
168.45 5′ 6.3189″ 5.5266 66.3189 1.6845
168.46 5′ 6.3228″ 5.5269 66.3228 1.6846
168.47 5′ 6.3268″ 5.5272 66.3268 1.6847
168.48 5′ 6.3307″ 5.5276 66.3307 1.6848
168.49 5′ 6.3346″ 5.5279 66.3346 1.6849

Affect of being chubby

It’s good to check out the BMI calculator infrequently to maintain observe of your weight. Nonetheless, it’s not as foolproof because it usually seems.

As , with age, you might be certain to lose muscle and bone, thereby fats changing into the vital part that contributes to your weight. As in comparison with males, ladies carry larger fats content material. Subsequently, it is a flaw within the BMI instrument that must be stored in thoughts.

Your BMI is perhaps skewed. So, you should preserve a observe of your BMI at the side of the next enhances accuracy in your weight administration routine.

Learn extra: BMI Chart: What’s It and Learn how to Calculate BMI?

1. Waist-to-hip-ratio (WHR)

Ideally, your waist circumference ought to measure lower than your hips. WHR greater than 0.90 in males and 0.85 in ladies endure from belly weight problems.

2. Waist-to-height-ratio

In case your waist circumference is greater than half your top that makes you overweight within the center. This situation is ideally not that greatest 

3. Physique fats proportion

The measure calculates the fats content material in your physique which is greatest decided in session together with your nutritionist and health coach.

4. Physique form and waist

The place you retailer your physique fats is set by your genes. Usually males accumulate stomach fats greater than ladies.

You at the moment are in a greater place to grasp the form of medical situations you might be prone to invite resulting from unhealthy weight.

Well being Penalties of Weight problems in Adults

Individuals who have weight problems are at continuously elevated threat for a lot of illnesses and well being situations, together with the next:

1. Hypertension

Heavier weight is an indicator of excessive fatty tissue in your physique. Accumulation of fats in your blood vessels will increase circulatory resistance and is the first reason behind excessive BP.

Learn extra: Hypertension: Signs, Causes, Prognosis and Remedy

2. Coronary Coronary heart Illnesses

Your fluctuating BP is the foundation trigger that makes you vulnerable to coronary coronary heart illnesses.

3. Sort 2 Diabetes

Weight problems ends in insulin resistance as your insulin receptors are lined by fats inhibiting glucose uptake.

Learn extra: Sort 2 Diabetes Food plan – A Complete Information

4. Liver illness

Weight problems is intently associated to non-alcoholic fatty liver illness. (NAFLD).

5. Most cancers

Sure varieties of most cancers are recognized to happen resulting from weight problems. The widespread elements that set off most cancers consequent to weight problems are:

  • Irritation of the physique.
  • Malfunctioning immune system.
  • Skewed mobile progress.

6. Breathlessness

Your physique actions are impaired, and the thickening of blood vessels will go away you gasping usually. In different phrases, your every day exercise is hindered as you might be inclined to be breathless. 

Different illnesses and well being situations:

  • Excessive LDL ldl cholesterol, low HDL ldl cholesterol, or excessive ranges of triglycerides (dyslipidemia)
  • Stroke
  • Gallbladder illness
  • Osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone inside a joint)
  • Sleep apnea and respiratory issues
  • Persistent irritation and elevated oxidative stress
  • Low high quality of life
  • Psychological sickness reminiscent of medical melancholy, nervousness, and different psychological issues
  • Physique ache and issue with bodily functioning


In conclusion, relying solely on the peak and weight chart to find out what your supreme weight must be might seem too simplistic.

Nonetheless, you haven’t added up firstly your age, secondly different elements like bone, muscle, and fats content material in your physique composition. Subsequently, a practical Indian top and weight chart in response to age together with different inputs combining BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, waist-to-height-ratio, and physique fats proportion is a perfect course of and is certain to challenge a real measure of the perfect weight.

Scientific relation to it by a medical skilled for figuring out the place you stand within the weight construction yields larger dividends.

Continuously Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Other than the onset of persistent illnesses, how does being chubby impression your life?

A: Your skeletal system is below pressure from carrying the additional weight. It will probably impede motor perform and postural management and in addition cut back muscular power and endurance. Along with that, being chubby also can dampen one’s confidence ranges.

Q. Why is head circumference essential together with top and weight for youngsters?

A: For kids, top weight age chart is juxtaposed with head circumference to observe the kid’s improvement sample. It’s decided by common matching the age of the kid, and when a percentile arrives, a 50 percentile is indicative of the imply for a given age group. Something over this benchmark is above common progress and beneath is taken into account below common progress.

Q. How vital are top and weight charts?

A: These are routine instruments used to diagnose potential medical situations. Nonetheless, you should importantly keep in mind that it can’t be used as a blanket benchmark for each particular person. Scientific correlation is equally vital.

Q. Is it attainable that you’ve got a standard BMI however your Waist-to-hip-ratio reveals that you’ve got belly weight problems?

A: It’s attainable, making you vulnerable to medical situations, extra so for males than ladies.

Q. Must you be involved if you’re wholesome and comfy even if you’re chubby?

A: There are sufficient causes to be involved as you carry a larger threat of persistent sickness that may be instantly linked to extra weight.

A: In keeping with the peak weight chart, the perfect weight of a 5 foot tall feminine ought to weigh between 40.8 kgs to 49.9 kgs. Nonetheless, a 5 foot tall male ought to weigh anyplace from 43.1 kgs to 53 Kgs.

Q. How do I do know if I’m chubby for my age?

A: Your age is likely one of the elements that determines your weight. Nonetheless, the 2 important parameters are top and weight. You may measure it with the assistance of our top and weight chart. So, in case your BMI is 25 to 25.9 above the specified vary, you’ll fall within the chubby class.

Q. How do I calculate if I’m chubby?

A: It’s simple. All you should do is confer with our weight chart and decide your weight as per your top. So, in case your BMI is 25 to 25.9 above the specified vary, you’ll fall within the chubby class.

Q. What’s my supreme weight for my top?

A: Weight depends upon a number of elements like age, gender, physique body and top. So if you’re imagined to be a 5’3 feminine, your supreme weight must be between 47.2/57.6 kg. As per a 5’3 male, your supreme weight must be 50.8/61.6 kg. So, to know your correct weight verify our weight chart.

Q. What are the totally different Methods to Measure Perfect Weight?

A: There are numerous methods that may measure your supreme physique weight. For instance, top weight chart/BMI, waist circumference, skinfold thickness, BIA (Bioelectric Impedance), Underwater Weighing and many others. Nonetheless, the commonest and simple manner is referring to a top weight chart.

Q. Learn how to Obtain an Perfect Weight

IA: f you might be an grownup and fascinated about attaining and even sustaining a super physique weight vary, you should adhere to those pointers. Firstly, verify your weight with our weight chart. Then, observe a nutritious diet, preserve energetic, take enough relaxation and ease out in your stress. These will certainly provide help to obtain a super physique weight.

Q. How a lot ought to I weigh for my top and age?

A: Your top and age each are essential parts that affect your weight. To know your weight, first verify your top after which undergo our top weight chart. This may give a transparent thought concerning the approximate weight that it is best to keep.

Q. What’s the supreme weight for five’6 feminine?

A: In keeping with the burden chart, if you’re a 5’6 feminine, your commonplace weight ought to measure between 53 kg to 64.8 kg.

Q. What’s the common weight for a 5’8 males?

A: In keeping with the peak and weight chart, if you’re a 5’8 male, your commonplace weight ought to measure between 63 kg to 76.6 kg.

Q. How can I enhance my top?

A: There are a number of elements that have an effect on top of an individual. Genetics, Food plan and Sleeping sample are a number of the elements amongst others. With a view to know extra about growing top, click on right here.  Additionally, it is best to keep your weight in response to top.

Q. How a lot ought to a 13 yr outdated weigh?

A: Since age 13 is a vital stage for adolescence, the physique goes by way of numerous adjustments which can be inconsistent in nature. Weight is one other facet that may be affected by a number of elements like top, gender and physique body. Not like the burden chart, a standardized chart for top wouldn’t suffice. Nonetheless, in response to the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention 13-year-old ladies weigh between 34.4 kg and 54.3 kg and boys between 35.8 kg to 55.7 kg

Q. How tall ought to a 13 yr woman be?

A: Since genetics is a vital issue that determines top, there’s nothing that would precisely inform you what must be the perfect top of a 13 yr outdated boy or a woman. Although they’ll decide their weight by way of a weight chart. In keeping with the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention, the common top of a 13 yr outdated, whether or not male or feminine, must be anyplace between 4’11 to five’1 toes.

Q. What’s chubby for a 12 yr outdated?

A: Chubby is one thing when an individual exceeds the common weight in response to their top. In keeping with the peak and weight chart, suppose a 12 yr outdated has a top of 4’10, so his/her common weight must be 39.9 kg to 49.9 kg. If his/her BMI exceeds25 to 25.9 above the specified vary, he/she is taken into account chubby.

Q. Is being 5’6 tall for a lady?

A: Genes play a big function in figuring out if an individual is tall or brief. Totally different communities imagine in sure requirements that means if an individual is tall or not. As per the Asian requirements, the common feminine top is 5 toes and the European commonplace top for females is 5’6 toes. In the US and Canada a mean top for a feminine is 5’2″

Q. Is 5’11 common top for a man?

A: The common top for a male differs from Nation to Nation, from hormone make-up to their Dietary habits and primarily their genetic make-up. In keeping with NCD Threat issue Collaboration, the common top for males worldwide is 5’4 ft to five’11 ft, relying on international locations and ethnicities. So, it may be mentioned a 5’11 top is a mean top amongst males. Additionally, don’t overlook to maintain a verify in your weight alongside together with your top, by taking a look at our top weight chart.

Q. Is 5ft 5 tall for a 13 yr outdated boy?

IA: t isn’t simple to calculate an individual’s top simply by mentioning their age. Nonetheless, top can decide the burden of an individual by way of a weight chart. As per the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention, 5’5 is tall for a 13 yr outdated male/feminine. 

A: Common Weight, Underweight or Chubby are fundamental interpretations of a top weight chart. Equally, top depends upon numerous elements. So, to reply the query, sure 6’3 toes is taken into account comparatively tall in comparison with the common worldwide top. 

Q. Is 67 kg a wholesome weight?

A: We might be needing a little bit greater than that to conclude if it’s a wholesome weight. For correct outcomes, we have to know the Weight in response to top and gender, age, physique body.

Q. What’s 160 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 160 Centimeters =  5 Ft, 2.992 Inches

Q. What’s 162 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 162 Centimeters = 5 Ft, 3.7795 Inches

Q. What’s 163 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 163 Centimeters = 5 Ft, 4.1732 Inches

Q. What’s 168 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 168 Centimeters = 5 Ft, 6.1417 Inches

Q. What’s 175 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 175 Centimeters = 5 Ft, 8.8976 Inches

Q. What’s 157 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 157 Centimeters = 5 Ft, 1.8110 Inches

Q. What’s 152 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 152 Centimeters = 4 Ft, 11.843 Inches

Q. What’s 167 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 167 Centimeters = 5 Ft, 5.7480 Inches

Q. What’s 155 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 155 Centimeters = 5 Ft, 1.0236 Inches

Q. What’s 173 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 173 Centimeters = 5 Ft, 8.1102 Inches

Q. What’s 150 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 150 Centimeters = 4 Ft, 11.06 Inches

Q. What’s 169 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 169 Centimeters = 5 Ft, 6.5354 Inches

Q. What’s 166 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 166 Centimeters = 5 Ft, 5.3543 Inches

Q. What’s 183 CM in Ft and Inches?

A. 183 Centimeters = 6 Ft, 0.047244 Inches

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