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Surya Namaskar Throughout Being pregnant: Is It Secure? Security Ideas, Modifications & Advantages

Surya Namaskar is an energizing sequence of 12 poses performing which is a approach of paying tribute to the Solar. It’s a holistic apply that integrates asana, pranayama (synchronized respiratory), and 12 mantras altogether in a single sequence.

Coming to its advantages, Surya namaskar is a complete physique exercise – from strengthening the muscle tissue and joints to enhancing the effectivity of inside organs and detoxifying the physique.

With these advantages, the query arises – is it protected to carry out throughout being pregnant?

As being pregnant is a fragile time for girls, sure yoga practices are restricted as time passes from the early days to the top of being pregnant. It’s because any small anomaly, pressure, or damage can hurt the girl’s physique and her unborn child.

So is it alright to carry out an energizing and fast-paced surya namaskar throughout being pregnant?

Let’s discover out. 

Is it protected to carry out Surya Namaskar throughout being pregnant?

The small reply is sure, supplied you could have been practising it earlier than being pregnant.

A extra detailed reply is that; within the 1st and third trimesters, pregnant ladies should take utmost precautions when performing Surya namaskar. Actually, asanas must be modified in a approach that may accommodate a pregnant lady’s physique and doesn’t create any discomfort.

Throughout the 1st trimester, your being pregnant is at an early stage and the probabilities of miscarriage are additionally excessive. Within the third trimester, your stomach is protruded considerably which impacts your stability and proprioception. Any pressure throughout these trimesters could be harmful to you and the fetus’ well being and progress.

Nonetheless, through the 2nd trimester, you’ll be able to simply carry out surya namaskar, however at a slower tempo. You continue to have to take precautions with motion and customization of the poses.

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Factors to recollect to carry out Surya Namaskar throughout being pregnant

Despite the fact that the whole part of being pregnant is delicate and liable to well being risks, the early levels of being pregnant are extraordinarily essential to the life and well being of the mother-to-be and the fetus. You have to be additional cautious in not straining your belly muscle tissue and having discomfort in any a part of your physique.

For this, it’s worthwhile to care for the next factors earlier than you begin performing surya namaskar:

1. Seek the advice of your physician

Earlier than beginning surya namaskar, or some other bodily apply, you need to seek the advice of your physician. Speak intimately about your well being, issues, issues you need to and shouldn’t do, and so on. Make certain of all issues which might be obligatory to your being pregnant.

2. Don’t begin a brand new apply

When you’ve got not been performing surya namaskar earlier than being pregnant, you shouldn’t begin your apply now. Doing one thing new may cause pressure or discomfort which must be prevented. You’ll be able to customise your apply you probably have already been practising surya namaskar or some other yoga practices.

3. Be sluggish and delicate together with your physique

This goes with out saying that the tempo of performing surya namaskar throughout being pregnant must be slowed right down to a suitable tempo.

You need to perform every of the 12 asanas slowly and intentionally. When you expertise any type of discomfort or struggling, don’t power your self to do any asanas. Use props and assist throughout apply. And should you simply should not comfy doing an asana, it’s higher to skip or modify it reasonably than power your physique to carry out it.

4. Take skilled help

Many prenatal yoga courses cater to performing yoga for a pregnant lady.

It’s higher that you simply enroll in such courses as they’ll let you know precisely how one can apply surya namaskar with out harming your physique and fetus. When you should not have any such courses close by, seek for on-line courses or consultants that may train you a modified model of surya namaskar. Since they’re educated in educating pregnant ladies, they’re higher outfitted with the information and know-how of performing yoga.

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5. Make a behavior of normal apply

Until you could have some issues in your being pregnant, ensure you are persevering with together with your apply commonly. Even when it’s important to carry out it at a a lot slower tempo than you’re used to, you’ll nonetheless get the advantages of surya namaskar. Don’t carry out it randomly.

6. Hearken to your physique

A lady’s physique goes by means of a ton of adjustments day by day, particularly throughout being pregnant. You need to hearken to your physique when performing surya namaskar. Be cognizant of any discomfort, ache, pressure, or stress in any a part of your physique. You must even take into accounts your psychological adjustments. If you’re not feeling as much as it, you need to keep away from practising it reasonably than forcing your self.

7. By no means skip savasana

The significance of savasana (corpse pose) can’t be careworn sufficient.

If you lay in corpse pose after solar salutation, you aren’t merely mendacity down, you’re giving time to your physique to soak in all of the energetic adjustments the apply of surya namaskar has delivered to your physique. You’re giving time to your thoughts to launch stress, tiredness, fatigue, and nervousness.

It’s the closing step earlier than you stand up and begin your day. That is additionally the time when you’ll be able to spend a while together with your unborn child and join with it.

Tips on how to Do Solar Salutation Throughout Being pregnant – A Modified Sequence

The standard solar salutation yoga poses could be modified to really feel extra comfy and to raised put together your physique for start as your tummy grows. These could be integrated into your every day life at any level throughout your being pregnant.

  • Start by standing together with your ft unfold greater than hip distance aside in Mountain pose (Tadasana). The space between your legs could be as per your stomach progress or the necessity of the hour.
  • To enter urdhva hastasana (upward salute), inhale and lift your palms and prolong your arms upward. Be part of your palms or preserve them separated at your comfort.
  • Exhale whereas bending your knees and hinging ahead out of your knees to carry out modified Uttanasana (Standing ahead bend). Whereas holding your knees bent, place your palms between your ft on the mat or your shins. You can too preserve your palms in Anjali mudra together with your elbows in your thighs.
  • Inhale and take your proper leg again for the Ashwasanchalasana (low lunge). Your left hand could be positioned outdoors the left leg to create more room to your stomach within the later months. Bending the knee of the suitable leg and putting it on the mat can be acceptable. Furthermore, taking the suitable leg additional in the direction of the suitable may even create area to your stomach.
  • Exhale and transfer your left leg again for the plank pose (phalakasana). If you do not need to place stress in your physique, decrease your knees gently onto the bottom to carry out this pose. When you carry out the standard plank, don’t maintain this pose for an extended period.
  • It’s higher to skip Knees-Chest-Chin Pose (Ashtanga Namaskara) and Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) to keep away from any pressure on the stomach and decrease again. After the plank, inhale and pause for a number of seconds and transfer on to the following pose.
  • Exhale and decrease your arms for chaturanga dandasana (four-limbed workers pose). Even for this pose, you’ll be able to decrease your knees to the bottom, if you weren’t doing it within the plank pose.
  • Inhale and are available again to the plank place together with your knees nonetheless on the bottom. You even have the choice of skipping the chaturanga dandasana whether it is uncomfortable.
  • Exhale and gently raise your hips and knees to return to a downward canine pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana). Hold your legs wider aside for stability and stability. Within the later months, you’ll be able to both keep away from this pose or apply the milder tabletop variation.
  • Inhale and convey your proper foot ahead for Ashwasanchalasana (low lunge). Comply with the identical means of hand place meant as you probably did initially. In case your foot doesn’t attain the entrance of your mat in a single movement, that’s okay. If required, take a number of little steps or transfer it alongside together with your hand.
  • Exhale and slowly carry your left leg to the entrance with the suitable leg. Place the left foot outdoors the left hand. Hold your palms on the mat together with your knees bent. Identical to the preliminary modified Uttanasana (Standing ahead bend), place your palms both on the mat, your shins, or in anjali mudra with elbows in your thighs.
  • Inhale and gently straighten your legs whereas extending your arms overhead urdhva hastasana (upward salute).
  • Exhale and decrease your arms for the mountain pose (tadasana).

When you really feel comfy and repeat the whole sequence with the left foot. In case you’re feeling drained or exhausted, one spherical is greater than sufficient. Lie down in savasana for some much-needed relaxation.

Advantages of Surya Namaskar for being pregnant

Despite the fact that you’re performing modified surya namaskar, the advantages you achieve out of it are the identical as the standard apply. You’re gifted with a peaceful and relaxed thoughts with a provide of vitality all through the day. This additional helps in managing your temper swings and maintaining with hormonal adjustments. A relaxed thoughts results in a wholesome coronary heart that retains away issues like hypertension.

There are lots of extra advantages, which have been listed under:

  • Enhances blood and oxygen circulation because of synchronized inhalations and exhalations.
  • Helps handle and scale back stress by boosting the manufacturing of hormones and calming the thoughts.
  • Aids in adapting to bodily and psychological adjustments by calming and stress-free your thoughts and inspiring you to embrace the adjustments.
  • Prevents frequent temper swings by stimulating the endocrine system favorably and bolstering hormonal stability.
  • Assists in weight administration as you stretch and strengthen all of the muscle tissue of your physique making up for good bodily train.
  • Alleviates again and leg pains as the continual stream of asanas relieve you of ongoing muscular aches and pains by strengthening your again, legs, and core muscle tissue.
  • Supplies vitality all through the day by connecting physique, thoughts, and breath when carried out within the morning.
  • Prevents pregnancy-induced hypertension as the mix of asana with breath strengthens your cardiovascular system which controls your blood stress.
  • Prevents the onset of gestational diabetes by enhancing the manufacturing of insulin and lowering blood sugar ranges.
  • Prepares the physique for childbirth because it makes your physique versatile and trains your thoughts to remain calm in annoying conditions similar to labor ache.
  • Improves your sense of coordination, proprioception, and stability.
  • Can enhance the standard of sleep within the later levels of being pregnant.
  • Promote glowing, well-nourised, and wholesome pores and skin and hair.


Being pregnant does include numerous adjustments and a type of adjustments could be to carry out a modified surya namaskar. When you’ve got been doing it even earlier than you turned pregnant, and don’t have any issues, you simply have to tweak it a bit of bit. The advantages you’re going to get will make this part straightforward to deal with.



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