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What’s your HR_max and VO2MAX values from train knowledge?

Simply questioning. I’m wondering if Fitbit can detect hr max nicely; it will get onerous on the increased finish

My max HR is round 183, as measured by the fitness center gear (e.g. elliptical coach). I’ve a polar chest HR monitor however it connects to my telephone for viewing the HR, however not too handy besides on a motorcycle which it connected to the handlebars.

This appears fairly good for me – method off the 220 minus age benchmark (in a great way) – however matches my epigenetic / phenotypic clock measures.

I need to measure my VO2Max – however its been onerous to get into the train physiology labs on the educational facilities the place I’d usually go, as they’ve all been closed for COVID for the previous two years.

How about you Alex – what’s your Max HR?

Simply curious, what are your ideas on max coronary heart fee and v02? Coming from a working background, I don’t put quite a lot of emphasis or care into them. However, I haven’t considered them a lot as associated to growing older, outdoors of the truth that as you age each are inclined to drop (they drop a lot slower for those who frequently train all through your life).

My max is round 180 and my V02 is usually calculated in between 50-56 relying on the place I’m in my coaching.

I’m to see how they could or could not change after taking rapamycin for awhile. Particularly coronary heart fee. That might be fairly wild if rapamycin + coaching had any impact on max coronary heart fee, I doubt it could.

My max coronary heart fee was 204 as of 2021-02-15 (measured by way of DexaFit). VO2max was 38.5. DexaFit is strictly higher b/c managed experiment and it has a chest strap.

In 2018-04, an train check confirmed max_HR as 203 and VO2max as 52. And resting metabolic fee of


FitBit measured max_HR at 187 throughout a run in Amsterdam yesterday, however Fitbit is just not as exact as a chest monitor (+not as lengthy) + Fitbit post-processes the info (it’s not uncooked knowledge) + this issues extra at increased numbers. I ran round Europe for two weeks straight the previous 2 weeks so I ought to be fitter now than I used to be in february final 12 months (after I was caught house throughout COVID)… Omg that point was adopted by a 1-year interval of full magic.

Can I connect my xls file right here? This doesn’t permit xls file uploads…


Wow – nice to listen to you’ve been out exercising! Effectively carried out.

185 bpm, vo2max between 58-62 ml/kg/min in accordance with the polar health check

you should use the polar beat app, beneath upgrades is a health check which might measure your vo2max

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