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Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedies Reverse Ageing Course of in First Scientific Trial – longevity

The fascinating factor about HIF 1 alpha is that it’s the discount in partial stress of oxygen that stimulates the pathway. Therefore should you use hyperbaric pressures (it may be carried out with normobaric as effectively) it’s not the time at then greater stress that issues as a lot because the change from greater to decrease (though the time must be lengthy sufficient to stabilise – we don’t understand how lengthy that’s).

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The literature assessment I linked to a couple posts above was simply listed in Pubmed at present and mentions circumstances the place HBO works synergistically with rapamycin to inhibit mTOR and facilitate therapeutic in spinal wire damage. It’s potential that rapamycin plus HBO could he an efficient anti-aging combo.

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Sure. That rings a bell. And my understanding is that common HBOT doesn’t reproduce the identical have an effect on. That’s to not say that it doesn’t have abenefit. I additionally keep in mind studying a concept that HBOT could velocity up stem cell exhaustion because it responds to senescence and forces the physique into restore mode, so whereas it confers a brief the profit it could be at value additional down the road.

I don’t have an in depth response. Nonetheless, I believe stimulating HIF 1 alpha is an efficient factor. Train does this. A discount in partial stress of oxygen can, however we don’t know the bounds of this.


By the RAPA Grasp


They didn’t apply the stress in a particular means. You’ll be able to’t drop the stress all of the sudden, that might trigger injury. What they did is that they used oxygen breaks the place the individuals breathed regular oxygen focus for five minutes each 20 minutes if I recall. Which means they breathed in 100% oxygen for 20 minutes then 20% oxygen for five minutes and repeat. This was all beneath excessive stress. The oxygen breaks supposedly lead to a hypoxia response. This may be carried out in onerous chambers which have masks for oxygen that may be placed on and brought off whereas contained in the chamber. This cannot be carried out in most smaller particular person chambers which are fairly frequent. In such chambers you don’t breath within the oxygen via a masks however as an alternative there may be 100% oxygen contained in the chamber throughout the entire session. It’s worthwhile to breathe via a masks to get the oxygen breaks.

Btw I’ve not too long ago undergone hyperbaric oxygen remedy with nearly the very same protocol (simply fewer classes) because the one which was used within the Tel Ativ examine. I used to be not doing it for longevity although and wouldn’t suggest it for longevity as a result of I don’t suppose the proof is supportive of it being useful for that function.

My mistake. I didn’t precisely recall the process and I couldn’t discover the hyperlink, my response was a cack handed clarification. I couldn’t discover the hyperlink to the article. Nicely carried out.



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