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Insulin, Rapa and Glucose…anybody else really feel like this?


I began on Sirolimus a couple of weeks again. I’m 65 y-o, 180cm, 75kg.
I began very conservatively; 0.5mg/week, then 1 mg, then 1.5mg. Then I acquired to a 2mg dose. I used to be taking it on a Friday.

The subsequent day (Saturday) I awoke with a really gentle headache. I had breakfast and went about my normal actions however by lunchtime the headache was unhealthy. I additionally felt very weak; shaky and barely sweaty. My spouse checked my temperature: regular. My blood strain and pulse had been additionally regular.
After lunch I started to really feel actually unhealthy. Egregious! Horrible! The headache was splitting and I felt so weak I might hardly stand. Unusual factor was, I felt actually hungry and was not nauseous in any respect. I’ve a historical past of migraines and so they all the time make me really feel nauseous and I find yourself vomiting, so this was not like a migraine. It was so unhealthy that I thought-about calling an ambulance.
Lastly, at about 4PM I began to enhance and by 5PM I used to be feeling higher.

Now, a non-fasting blood check taken in 2021 confirmed I’ve a really low insulin degree: 2 MI/L.
My fasting glucose degree is usually about 4.5. Nevertheless, if I do arduous bodily work and don’t eat common meals I can get “hypo”…I’ve all of the signs of low blood glucose (weak, sweaty, spots in imaginative and prescient, headache and many others).

I’ve a sneaky suspicion that Sirolimus might have dropped my insulin degree so low that I used to be unable to utilise glucose, inflicting my splitting headache, weak spot and starvation.

Simply questioning if anybody else has had this response? May it’s that individuals who take increased doses of Sirlimus even have excessive/regular ranges of insulin (20-30 MI/L??) and they also don’t really feel what I felt?

I finished taking the Sirolimus after that. Attempting to construct up the braveness to begin once more…



Simply an thought, however I ponder if going right into a state of ketosis may assist or certainly taking some exogenous ketones as a gas for the mind whenever you take the Sirolimus.

I’ve taken as much as 20 mg with a CGM on and my glucose doesn’t change in any respect


Sirolimus will increase glucose ranges. You drawback just isn’t rapa. Im 75 yo and take 10 mg weekly for 4 years, and none of your issues

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Are you taking the 10mg regular with out break for the 4 years?

Rapamycin has had zero impact on my insulin/glucose ranges so far as I can inform. I at present take 20 mg each 14/15 days. The 20 mg dose is the one one which has antagonistic negative effects manifesting as flatulence and gentle diarrhea for a couple of days after taking it. On the plus facet, the 20 mg dose is the one dose I’ve taken that produces gentle euphoria for a couple of days after I take it. Everybody’s physique chemistry is completely different, I’m sorry you had a destructive expertise.

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No, took 6 mg. intially and over the primary 12 months elevated it to 10. I used to be Dr. Greens 2nd. affected person in 2017. It is going to be 5 years complete subsequent month. My Phenoage is 13.3 years youthful than chronological.


Because of everybody who replied.
I’m positive you all had no signs as I did. However maybe that’s as a result of you could have regular insulin ranges to begin with?

Anyway, I’m again to 1.5mg/week now. Yesterday I had a meat pie and occasional at 2pm. By 5:30 I felt weak and shaky, so took a glucose verify simply out of curiosity. It was 3.5, so positively on the low facet. I’ll proceed an see what occurs.

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@DrT I appear to be having the identical difficulty, any replace?

Hello Dan,

I did return to 2mg Sirolimus as soon as per week on Friday. I verify my fasting blood glucose each Saturday morning and it’s often 4-4.5.
I haven’t had a repeat of the episode I described firstly of the thread. I’m simply having a month “vacation” from Sirolimus throughout December.
My solely suggestion to you’d be to get your insulin degree checked. You’ll be able to have a fasting degree or random (non-fasting) completed. I’d counsel the fasting degree.
Should you do, please tell us the outcomes.


As I suspected it appears like rapamycin has dropped your fasting insulin from 4.8 (which is fairly good) right down to beneath 2. That is stepping into Sort 1 diabetes ranges if I’m not mistaken.
So now (like me) you’ll be able to go too low insulin degree and begin to really feel rotten.
So that you may wish to take into consideration a smaller dose or having a “relaxation” interval?

My concept on that is that rapa most likely drops everybody’s insulin degree however, should you’re somebody beginning with an insulin degree of 28, then you definately’re not going to have an issue! In actual fact; it’s helpful.




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