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Nansho Daidai and different Taiwanica cultivars

I might use some assist relating to Taiwanica cultivars.

I purchased the Taiwanica from Adavo, anticipating the Nansho Daidai, which is understood for it is slender leaves, and this matches their image and outline (though they use footage from different individuals / web) https://www.rakytnik.com/index.php/rostliny/citrusy/hybridni-citrusy/429-c-taiwanica-oe-tan-y-shimado-c-grandis-x-c-reticulata

The leaves on the plant I acquired are fairly spherical, with extensive petioles (see my image beneath). So I emailed about it and I acquired a solution:

Translated from Czech:

You are proper. The Nansh-daidai selection has slender leaves: https://www.forestryimages.org/browse/subthumb.cfm?sub=71562

We don’t supply this selection. We provide solely the unique species. He does not have slender leaves:

So it appears their very own description on the web site shouldn’t be right for the cultivar that they promote.

Does anybody know the title of this ‘unique species’ cultivar?

On the net pages he offers I do not actually discover a title. Translated from the Taiwanese web page it says “The distinction from the unique mom is that the petiole wing of this species is linear and the fruit is 7-9cm.” So the plant from Adavo can be the ‘unique mom’ talked about right here.

I even have the Taiwanica from Lenzi, of which I additionally do not know a cultivar title. Nevertheless it appears completely different from the one which I’ve from Adavo. And Lenzi’s Taiwanica leaves additionally do not appear slender sufficient to be the Nansho Daidai.

Plant from Adavo:

Plant from Lenzi:

Newer leaves appear to get bigger:

Finest regards,



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