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Rapamycin will increase Alzheimer’s-associated plaques in mice, examine finds

With regard to the unique examine: https://www.jneurosci.org/content material/42/27/5294

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Nicely, I would be the canary within the coal mine. If I begin to lose it I’ll let you already know earlier than I’m too far gone. I’m not too anxious about it. Dr. Inexperienced is treating a plethora of previous individuals like me. He ought to be capable of see if there’s a cognitive decline in sufferers that had no cognitive issues.

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Actually we needs to be seeing lots of early Alzheimer in transplant and most cancers sufferers that get excessive doses of sirolimus/everolimus

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Do we have now any knowledge on these transplant sufferers? I’m assuming that as a result of seriousness of their underlying situation that their lifespan could also be compromised already. Subsequently, they could not develop AD and due to this fact it might not present up.

It’s just like the assertion that people who smoke have a a lot decrease threat of growing Alzheimers…

as a result of they die of most cancers earlier than they get it.


Sure – the info on transplant sufferers is basically soiled for a lot of causes… not the least of which is that they steadily don’t stay so long as more healthy individuals. Additionally – in case you want a kidney transplant, for instance, you’ve sometimes been sick for a really very long time already.

The issues that drive the necessity for a kidney transplant (finish stage renal illness) are defined under – so most of those individuals have been unhealthy, and sure on many medicines, for a very long time:

Some circumstances of the kidneys which will end in ESRD embrace:

  • Repeated urinary infections
  • Kidney failure brought on by diabetes or hypertension
  • Polycystic kidney illness or different inherited problems
  • Glomerulonephritis, which is irritation of the kidney’s filtering models
  • Hemolytic uremic syndrome, a uncommon dysfunction that causes kidney failure
  • Lupus and different ailments of the immune system
  • Obstructions

Supply: Kidney Transplant | Johns Hopkins Medication

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Sure, that’s what I used to be afraid of. Alzheimer’s has the most recent onset of the most important ageing ailments…

My drawback with rapamycin is identical with metformin: underneath some circumstances, they appear to extend b-amyloid within the mind. https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6613906/… Though the issue within the animal mannequin seems to be when cognitive decline is already current, an elevated AD threat is unhealthy asf

Hello and welcome to the boards. I moved your put up to a dialogue that has already began on this matter. Please learn the complete thread to atone for all the data associated to this examine and commentary.

The article primarily refers to individuals who have already got dementia. I’m 81+ and have been taking metformin for many years with no hostile uncomfortable side effects. Nonetheless
“not loopy in spite of everything of those years”
From the article, you confer with:
“The consensus of obtainable preclinical knowledge is that rapamycin might be helpful to forestall the onset or early improvement of AD neuropathology reasonably than as a remedy for dementia.”



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