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Rock Sled Suspension is Growing a Lengthy-Journey Main Linkage Fork

Ashley Kalym, Founding father of Rock Sled Suspension, provides us some perception into the what, how, and why of the long-travel fork he has been creating during the last 3-4 years. Ashley believes he has overcome the restrictions of a standard telescopic mountain bike fork design, specifically the stiction and binding points, with a leading-linkage fork design that makes use of an off-the-shelf-rear shock to damp impacts.

Rock Sled Suspension Main Linkage Fork

Although unusual, linkage forks are nothing new on the earth of mountain biking. Belief Efficiency’s Shout and The Message multi-link forks did acquire some traction for a brief time frame, however the large model suspension producers have stayed away from the design, selecting as a substitute to refine the damping methods of their conventional telescopic forks, whereas including weight to and rising the stiffness of the chassis.

rock sled leading linkage mtb fork coil shock damped nicolai g16
Ashley has been testing the second prototype of the 180mm journey Rock Sled Linkage Fork on his Nicolai G16

“It by no means actually made sense to me as to why you’ll tie the chassis, shock, and damper right into a single construction. Any pressure that’s placed on the construction will in flip affect the damper”, explains Ashley. He’s not the primary to have had ideas alongside these strains. Movement-France, Adroit and Construction Cycle Works are some newer examples of manufacturers trying to overcome aforementioned biding points suffered by the bushings in a telescopic fork underneath flex, in addition to another traits they see as detrimental to efficiency.

rock sled mtb fork leading linkage 160mm travel prototype coil shock
The Rock Sled Linkage Fork on Ashley Kalym’s prototype enduro body

Whereas Movement and Belief developed proprietary dampers for his or her linkage forks, Adroit and Construction’s designs use off-the-shelf air shocks and thus profit from their big selection of exterior changes. Ashley felt it made loads of sense to make use of a design that would use just about any rear shock in the marketplace; get the size appropriate and the leverage curve wise, and the fork’s habits might, in some ways, be as tuneable because the number of rear shocks accessible.

rock sled leading linkage fork view from cockpit
A view of the Rock Sled Main Linkage Fork wanting down from from the cockpit

All the aforementioned are considerably extra difficult than Ashley’s single-pivot main linkage fork, using a number of pivots. The primary iteration of the Rock Sled (not proven) was single-sided with a one-piece carbon steerer and carbon leg. It had a single hyperlink and a shock absorber delivering 160mm of journey. That was a bare-bones, proof-of-concept prototype.

Within the V1, the brake caliper was bolted instantly onto the hyperlink. Ash tells us the anti-dive pressure was large. “Driving alongside, should you braked with any kind of pressure, the suspension would need to prolong so much, except you had loads of weight over the entrance. It was actually fairly violent”. Other than the anti-dive, Ash says the fork felt stiff sufficient whereas driving, and that it didn’t actually really feel any completely different from a daily fork.

rock sled suspension leading linkage fork floating brake arm
The hyperlinks are machined from aluminum, as is the brake mount and floating arm

With the second prototype, seen all through this text, Ash sought to unravel the aforementioned braking subject by mounting the brake caliper to a floating brake arm. It takes on a parallelogram association, so when the fork compresses the brake caliper stays equidistant to the fork leg, irrespective of the place within the journey the fork is working, simply because it does within the case of conventional telescopic forks.

So, how does it experience?

“The fork rides like a standard fork by way of its steering habits, axle path, and braking habits. The place it differs is the a lot higher sensitivity, adjustment, and efficiency. The usage of bearings as the principle technique of fork motion implies that binding and stiction are just about non-existent, and with the ability to swap out the shock for any kind that you just want means a lot higher adjustability. Additionally, because of there being some very succesful shocks accessible (PUSH, Quick, EXT, and many others.) I believe the efficiency by way of damping can beat any telescopic fork on the market. As well as, as a result of the fork has a leverage curve then it could actually obtain the grail of being delicate off the highest, supportive within the center, and supportive at backside out” – Ashley Kalym, Designer of the Rock Sled Fork.

A CAD render of the Rock Sled Fork at full compression

The place the Rock Sled Fork does differ considerably from a telescopic fork, is in floor clearance. Because it compresses, the fork legs are pushed down towards the bottom. Ashley says that, with a 29″ entrance wheel, the bottom clearance at bottom-out is 209mm (8.22 inches). Regardless of that, he says he hasn’t discovered any points with it on the path.

Although the top angle delivered by the Rock Sled appears wildly steep upon first look, it truly is available in at 63° on Ashley’s Nicolai G16 Enduro Bike. With the linkage design, the axle path differs to that of a telescopic fork. Whereas the latter strikes in a straight line, following the angle of the steerer tube and thus head angle, the axle of the Rock Sled Fork will monitor extra of a rearward arc because the fork is pushed into compression.

rock sled linkage fork nicolai g16 nds floating brake arm version 2
Ashley pairs the Nicolai G16’s 155mm rear wheel journey with a 180mm model of the Rock Sled Main Linkage Fork

The prototype seen above has a 45mm offset at top-out, lowering to 17mm at bottom-out. A discount in offset proportionately will increase the bike’s path determine. Ash says this is able to, at the least on paper, improve your steering stability the deeper into the journey the fork is compressed. A 3rd prototype that was just lately 3D Printed, designed for 160mm journey with a 571mm ATC is alleged to have a extra normal axle path with a 51mm offset at top- and bottom-out.

A 3D Print of the linkage element of the Rock Sled Fork (V3)

It’s value stating that, even within the Rock Sled Linkage Fork, there’ll after all nonetheless be forces utilized to the rear shock outwith the airplane through which it supplies shock absorption, however Ash has organized the linkage in such a means that, at the least in concept, these forces must be significantly lowered compared to these skilled on a telescopic fork.

The space between the pivot and the fork’s 20mm axle is simply about 200mm. Ash says the leverage that may be exerted over that distance is kind of small. Evaluating that to a rear suspension linkage, that distance is significantly lower than half the space between the rear wheel axle and any foremost pivot on the entrance triangle.

The newest design of the Rock Sled fork additionally makes use of a 15mm axle, primarily to extra simply serve the market as most path and enduro riders may have a Enhance entrance wheel (15mm x 110mm). The ambition with this model was to cut back the variety of distinctive elements, simplifying the design from a producing perspective. The left hyperlink that doesn’t drive the shock is now the very same half as the proper hyperlink that does. That is principally decreasing the prices of the CNC machining. Ashley has additionally lowered the footprint of the fork, bringing the width to <200mm, nearer to that of a traditional fork.

What are the following steps for Rock Sled?

If pleased with the experience really feel of Model 3, Ashley will ship the Rock Sled Fork off to EFBE for testing, previous to producing a restricted run of forks on the market. He’s trying to hold the value as little as doable, to be able to allow the best variety of individuals to attempt it out. And, the much less cash the client spends on the fork, the extra they’ve left to spend on a high-end shock. Ashley tells us he has intentionally saved issues easy by way of building, bearings, nuts, and bolts, and many others., in order to make the manufacture as low cost as doable, and subsequently the retail value as low cost as doable. “I need to purpose for underneath £1,000/$1,000, however how a lot underneath this value level will probably be I don’t know”.

You may hold updated with Ash and Rock Sled Suspension on Instagram @rocksled_suspension and @rocksled_bikes



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